14 February 2008

The Middle

Sunday was the match. Carol had me running circles around that ring forEVER! I'm so not in shape, lol. Athena was sort of just terrified out of her mind. A slight tremble to her, pulling on the leash any time we neared an exit, trying to hide under chairs or tables. Poor girl. I know I need to do more in socializing her with different places and situations, but there is just nowhere for that out here. I practiced stacking her, which I *think* I got down pat. Athena is good for naturally placing her front paws correctly. I can lift her chest up and let her down and she will place them just right.

Athena went 2nd.... in a class of 2... Hehe! We got a lovely ribbon, a bag of treats and a stuffie for playing with. Her competition was Simmer, Laurie Erickson's dog. Who went on to win Best of Match, I think. Laurie was really, really nice. She had Spats with her--a dog with 34 titles, I think it was. She did a teeny bit of obedience stuff with him, and that was really just amazing to watch.

I'm definitely in need of more handling practice. The judge kept telling me to smile and have fun, which I was having a lot of fun, but I was focusing so much on trying to cheer Athena up that I probably looked like I wasn't. I learned so much though. Everyone was willing to offer advice or tips. And that is so needed when you are new to something like this. I did take some pictures, but not too many. I wasn't sure if people wanted some stranger photographing their dogs, lol. I could have asked, but there was just too much going on, so I stopped.

There was a guy there who looked EXACTLY like an ex of mine. Not a big deal to most people, but that guy wasn't a good person. I'm not sure I should divulge the details on this, so let's just say I watch To Catch a Predator just to see if they catch him. I kept waiting for someone to talk to him so I could hear what his name was. Eeks.

We caught the second half of the Super Bowl at one of Carol's son's house. Really nice guy. YAY for the Giants beating the Patriots! I was so so so hoping they would.