31 July 2007

(Insert title Here)

Anyone ever notice that I (talk like this a LOT)?

I think its because I write so much that I think if I put it in parentheses (which I totally just spelled right on the first try--go me!) it will be like I'm not writing quite as much.


I bet I annoy people by doing that in every paragraph. :D Even if I do? Oh well! You came to read me!

Now... off to go see if my black skirt is wrinkly or dog hair covered... hope its not!

Bit o' This, Bit o' That

My military ID expires soon. YAY! I can finally replace it with a new one.. with a less zombie-like photo. (I swear the woman told me not to smile and when people say that to you, especially when are a newlywed who is standing near their spouse, it's not possible...) So after getting all dolled up, we troop down to the Pride building, only to discover that the program is down and that they can't issue ids. Boo. Go figure!

Plus, today Jimmy is being promoted to Staff and I really want to go to the ceremony... but when I called the lady who used to watch Sully, she had an appt at the same time. So I dunno if I'll get to go or not. I'm making Caayn go, even though he rarely goes to promotion ceremonies. I have to call him in a few minutes and see what the plan is. (And I'll have to come up with more plans to do things, so that Sully gets watched by Ally more often, and then maybe she can watch him while I'm doing the whole labor and birth thing.)

Caayn also found out that last year, when he tested for Staff and failed, that he was actually only like 15 points from the cut-off. Which is really good, considering he hadn't studied at all. I've got all my limbs and appendages crossed hoping that he makes it this year. We should fin out some time in August.

I've been having really long, convoluted dreams lately. The other night I had one that involved Mike Rowe and me basically stalking him... it also had a girl from school I used to know in it... was very funny. This morning there was something about humans being removed from the earth and robots taking over. Lots of hiding and robot raids and really strange things. (Also lots of things from my childhood, like we went into a woman's house, and she had the side tables I have, plus the coffee table that is now lost, and an afghan a family member had crocheted for my mom... lots of various things like that.)

I'm craving yellow cake with lots and lots of chocolate frosting. Not sure if I should try and buy one or make it myself. Not sure anyone would make it the exact way I want it.

One last tidbit. We are FINALLY getting a -real- bookstore! When we moved here, I was sad to discover all we had were the little Waldens and B.Dalton in the mall. But they are currently building a Barnes and Noble! YIPEE!! I wish this was something they had done earlier... I would love love love to work at a bookstore, and I would totally be putting in like one hundred apps, except this baby is going to be here and all... so... probably not. I'll definitely be leaving the kids with Caayn though so I can go ogle. There's few things as fun as spending hours in a book store, looking at all the titles and subjects and the people... Unfortunately, Caayn doesn't agree. He gets antsy if I dawdle (umm, which is bad for him since I am the queen of dawdling) for ages with nothing in particular that I'm looking for. So I am totally scheduling myself a date with the store when it opens. No kids, no husband, just me and lots and lots of books. Sounds like fun to me.

27 July 2007

Soap Operas

When I was growing up, my mom watched soap operas. All the CBS ones. Guiding Light, Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restless... I have vague memories of watching them with her, but rarely knew what was going on. Through the years I've seen glimpses of them, like if I turn the tv on. I think I briefly watched them in our little red house, because we didn't have cable and I had nothing to do all day while Caayn was working.

Soaps are NOT my thing. If you know me, you know I am really anti-drama. In particular, teen drama or things like that. I just hate it. Drives me utterly bonkers. And that is really what soaps are now.

Sometimes Sully turns the tv on in the morning, but since he doesn't know how to turn on the cable, he ends up with the CBS soaps. I think its fun to peek in and see all the familiar faces... Victor, Nicky, Victoria and Nicholas (I always thought it was funny that they did that). But I've noticed that mixed in with the aging faces from my youth, there are a LOT more teen things. It makes sense, these shows are ever-lasting, and to keep going, they need to produce and grow and age, otherwise when the old guys die, there won't be a show. I remember when the black guy (don't remember his name, but the guy who reminds me of Deacon from King of Queens) found out about his daughter, Lily.... when she first came to stay with him... Now she's all grown up. That's so weird. I only mention that one in particular because I happened to see a scene with them.

Funny stuff.

I also think its funny that people make a big deal about shows lasting 10 years or a long time like that (Friends... Everybody Loves Ray...) but some of these soaps have been going for WAY longer. It's just silly.

25 July 2007

16 weeks and counting

OOooh.... Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction = not fun!!

Starting last night and apparently continuing into today, the joints in my pelvic bones are achy, burning, pulsy... No way to relieve it other than to kind of push on it (which really hurts like a motherhumper) and rock and say, "OWWWW!" while breathing like you are having a contraction, lol. There is pain there every day, but it usually is worse when I try to move my legs... this is icky pain while not moving. This guy is going to be worth the roughly 7 months of pain he will have put me through! Now, as long as I can keep out of a wheelchair, haha. But he will definitely be the last. I may have relatively easy pregnancies, but this pain trumps.

Sometimes I can see him. Kandy is right, I think he is going to look like me. It's hard to say though. Sully looks like all the children do in my family: button nose, big curious brown eyes, light golden brown hair that curls all over. But at birth and for about 3 months after, he looked like Caayn.

Anniversary is coming up. August 1st. It apparently is coinciding with a generation, so he'll be working 12 hour shifts that week. Joy. We'll probably go to Paradiso for Mexican food, where I'll get a horrid tasting non-alcoholic margarita (I had raspberry last time, and I swear it tasted like a public bathroom stall--that sanitizer stuff used to keep them 'fresh'? Even Sully wouldn't drink it, lol) and take a sip off of Caayn's better tasting one. Oh right, forgot to say we'll have been handfasted for 4 years. Traditionally a handfasting is for a set length of time, like a year and a day or until the couple agrees its done, but if I remember correctly ours was until our souls part. I don't remember... would have to look through the notes. It's funny too because usually we also celebrate June 1st as the day we met, but neither of us are sure. The party I brought him to was supposed to be a Cinco de Mayo party, LOL... although that may have been an excuse for the house to throw a party with some Mexican food. We've also known each other for 4 years. It's crazy the difference 4 years makes.

Hmm. I'd better get up. I just noticed that Caayn's wallet is sitting on the desk in front of me. I should probably go give him a call.

23 July 2007


Feeling blah today, so this'll probably be short. Finished Harry Potter last night around 3am. It was very good, possibly the best of the series, but I'll have to reread them all to confirm that. In the end, there weren't too many shocks. It all happened the way it should have.

It's 94 outside with 55% humidity... better than the 100% humidity we had a few days back (explain that to me, since it wasn't raining or anything). I hate this weather. When I emptied the lint catching thingy on the dryer today, the lint was actually a little damp. UGH. We went to the park yesterday, which is about 4 houses down the street, and by the time we got there, everyone was red cheeked and sweaty. Being pregnant makes it worse too, because its so hard to cool down and you have to drink SO much water. I feel bad for Sully. All we do is watch tv. No where to go, no one to see, nothing to do in the house... Goodness is life utterly boring sometimes.

20 July 2007

Countdown to Harry


It's coming... to me... SOON! Any time now. My front door is wide open, lol. I may attack the UPS truck if I see it drive by.

On a side note:

That's what I look like at 22 weeks. I'm 23 now... 17 more weeks, give or take a couple, and everyone can meet the young chap growing in my belly. 119 days. Also give or take some. Almost 3 months. And to top that off I am now reconsidering the name we chose. Which is tough, since Sully already knows him by his name.

I'll probably post again when I get the book. :D Can you tell I'm excited? I might even camp out in the front yard when Sully goes down for his nap....

Harry Potter

I ordered book #7 of the Harry Potter series from Amazon. I can't help it, I love that site. They also promised to have it shipped to me on Saturday, the day it comes out, which means I won't have to go downtown to buy it. Means less time wasted when I could just be reading it.

July 20, 2007 05:00:00 AM MINOT ND US Departure Scan
July 20, 2007 04:15:00 AM MINOT ND US Arrival Scan
July 19, 2007 09:45:00 PM FARGO ND US Departure Scan
July 19, 2007 05:37:00 AM OMAHA NE US Shipment picked up from seller's facility
July 16, 2007 12:20:13 AM US Carrier notified to pick up package

Status: In transit

UMMM... Excuse me while I squee a moment, but this sounds an awful lot (to me) like it will be arriving TODAY! If it was getting here tomorrow, it wouldn't have departed the Minot station and would no longer be in transit... SQUEE! I could be reading Harry Potter while Sully is napping (assuming I am not napping either, since I apparently got the third trimester sleepies a little bit early and have been taking a nap when I can).


I'm excited. Finally I won't have to read something that doesn't have words like contractions, leaking fluids, internal exams (which sounds naughty but most definitely is not, considering who will be doing the examining)... Yuck. My bedtime reading is Birthing From Within. Has some good points, but it does sort of clash with my HypnoBirthing stuff... and while it's fun to read, I have no interest in birthing art. My personality is too sneaky. If I know something I am doing is going to be analyzed, I can't put forth an honest effort, not considering the amount of my life I've spent putting forth a "normal" face. Err... wait, this is definite digression. I was being excited about reading HP. Yes! I am excited! My aunt and I used to sit around her kitchen table (best place in the world) and discuss the books in depth. We'd theorize and analyze and pick apart every detail. It was a lot of fun. I can picture her and my uncle at one of the midnight bashes going on...

So. don't expect to hear much from me. I'll be reading. Well, half the time. We are only getting one copy of the book and both of us want to read it. Our solution? One chapter at a time then switch. He wants to buy a second copy, but I know if we did that we'd both want to read at the same time and then no one would hang out with poor Sully.

And I promise not to post any spoilers!

Now I've got to run. Sully is awake and I hear him crying about how Robert has come out of his diaper (yes, his stuffed dog was sleeping in a diaper last night).

16 July 2007

My New Hairs

Yeah, only a pic of the back of my head for the "before" picture... I was gonna show a front one too, but hey, I look frightening without makeup. Hmm. Apparently if you get a picture of me head on, I have a tendency to make a squinty eye. And disregard the fact my makeup is actually coming off in the last picture... it was 11pm when those were taken.

I'm very happy I cut the hair. I feel much better now. We went out and bought girl stuff too... like a flat iron and mousse and more makeup. Poor Caayn. He always gets dragged along on these sorts of trips because I have no girl friends.

And for the record, I would have gone a LOT shorter... I was gonna do like 2 inches long all around, but the hairdresser lady said that wouldn't be a good idea, lol. And while that was an okay style for me at 15, when I was all punk and drunk and crazy, it probably wouldn't have looked as good on me as a 21 year old mama. Plus, now you can actually see all those highlights I got a couple weeks ago! So I'm satisfied. I think it'll look even better tomorrow, after I wash it and blow dry it and play with it.

Today's A Day For Change

I'm doing it today. At 5:30pm to be exact.

I'm cutting my hair. That's right. The exact style at this point in time is still up in the hair... I obsess over this as much as I do my choice in tattoos. I have to come armed with photos, etc. So I have a little collage thingy of different cuts. 4 are variations on the pixie cut, 1 is a longer version of that (which I feel might be the one I go with, since it definitely is giving off the right vibe), 2 are versions of the bob. This might be a situation where we go with the bob styles, then maybe keep some long front sections and go shorter in back, and if THATS not it, then go the rest of the way. I'm really excited.

This morning I read the most amazing birth story ever. I came across this woman and several others in the course of reading Kate's blog, and the bunch of them are such strong, vibrant women that I get a chance to feel connected to women even in a place where I have no girls to call friends. (Was that as painful to read as it was to write out? Ick. I to learn to write my thoughts better.) Anyway, I am totally digressing. Her story was so long and rambling, I could feel it flowing from her fingers like it would be in her mind. That's exactly my kind of thoughts, hence my rambling posts about lots of nada. I got braxton hicks from reading about her pushing. This is also why I can't watch any birthing shows on tv anymore... I catch myself holding my breath and pushing or just tensing my muscles along with them, as if I could somehow help.

It makes me look forward to my labor. Every day I try to find more to read that sends positive messages and shows me good outcomes, so that maybe I can find something to add to my vision of my birth. I never wrote about my midwife appt. It was full of info. Caayn, not being the hormonally challenged woman, took the info with a grain of salt. Me? I worried. I was told that if I don't have favorable change at my 37 wk appt, I will probably be getting another c-section. Which I desperately want to avoid. This is, of course, dumb advice too. Not all women have change at that time, and I doubt a woman who would go on to vaginally birth a healthy baby at 42 weeks would show any change at that point... See what I mean? I feel threatened. Like someone is trying to snatch my dream from me. The rest of my discussion with Gloria was awesome. She gave me information that I didn't know previously (like I don't have to have an IV unless I become dehydrated, which the nurses told me last time I HAD to have no matter what), that I can eat, but only "clear" stuff (better than the nothing I ate for probably close to 24-28 hrs before Sully was born)... I can change positions during pushing... This was the most exciting bit she told me. I was thrilled. With Sully, I pushed for 1 1/2 hours on my back, with them forcing my to hold my thighs... UGH! Most uncomfortable position ever.

So when I read something like Leigh's story, I get recharged, ready to go. I am able to remember that they cannot make me do anything. Unless something really bad is happening, there is nothing stopping me from doing this naturally. Let's channel Bob the Builder and keep the "Can we do it? YES WE CAN!" mentality flowing.

Oh... I'll post before and after pictures of the hair later tonight. Everyone cross their limbs and appendages that it comes out looking good and that I won't need to spend the next 6 months wearing bandanas...

One last change I've been considering.... Getting my right ear pierced again. Yep, I only have one ear pierced. Got them both done when I was 12 or so, but the right side of my body seems to have problems with metal and that ear got really infected. Took 'em out... 3 years later stuck a safety pin in the left ear, spent 3 hours or so struggling to get one in the other ear, but alas... I'm a little worried though, because I want my earrings to match. I'm using what was once a nipple ring, which I think is like a 12 or 14 gauge, and I'd either have to get a normal piercing (I think 16 is your typical earring size) and then stretch it or get it started that big. I don't even know where I'd get that done out here, lol. Would be interesting though, since I haven't seen myself with both ears done in a long time. Whoa. Almost 10 years. Weird how that creeps up on you.

Funny how pregnancy makes me want to change things. It must be a sort of "rearranging the furniture" of my body so that things are ready for the baby. And speaking of that... I need to paint Sully's room, so that I can then paint the baby's room and not feel guilty.

13 July 2007


Not sure how many readers saw my post from yesterday... I did delete it, mostly because if I am going to post about a fight, then I should do so and not really be a butthead. You'll rarely find a blogger who mentions fights with their spouses. I don't know why, I mean, most people do it so why portray yourselves as not? Now, to be honest, Caayn and I don't really fight. In fact, before yesterday, I can't remember our last one (well, okay, I can but it was directly involved the issue we talked about yesterday so that doesn't count). I like that about us. But I need a place where I can write it out. I can talk until I'm blue in the face with anyone who will listen, but its not out of my brain until I write it out. I think that's the last of the aspiring writer I once was.

I'm still pissed at him. I'm not sure that's the right word or feeling, but its what I've got to work with right now. I don't really want to talk to him either.. thats how I am when I'm moody. I internalize and avoid as much contact with people as possible. I know I'll get over this. But him? I don't know. I do know I'm tired of him not having thoughts, or saying he doesn't, because people think. There has to be a thought process behind your actions. It's just how it goes. Well, unless you're 2. I'm not sure how much thought process Sully has going on when he does things like throw himself on the floor which involves his little noggin cracking the hardwood... But Caayn is 23 and a writer. To me, I just expect a little more to be going on upstairs.

Gah. And now I feel like I'm just talking crap. I'm trying not to, really, but I have to get this stuff out. Normally I call my mom and spew to her. She's good like that. But I did that for an hour yesterday and I'm sure she doesn't want to hear the same things she did then. And its not quite the same as writing it down.

Your spouse should always be your best friend. That's a straight up given. I share everything with Caayn, he's the one I want to talk to about a book or talk to about how a certain song makes me feel, he's the one I want to hold me when I cry. He makes me feel safe in a world where things aren't always good. Seeing him play with our son fills me with a joy and love I didn't know existed until the day we met Sully. I look forward to seeing him when he's older. (I wonder if he'll carry on the pirate look his dad has... some guys have an inner pirate they don't know about, my father-in-law is totally one of those guys.) All of this is why I married him after only knowing him 2 months. We clicked. Instantly. It felt like I had known him my entire life and longer. I think the first I love you's were said at like 2 weeks, and both of us felt like fools because we thought it was too early to feel that way. And I know after a month we were already planning our wedding. The day of our wedding, I remember being asked repeatedly, are you nervous? Second thoughts? I never felt that way. I never felt an ounce of hesitation, it was what was supposed to happen. (Even though I was late and I'm sure he was wondering what was going on, lol.)

So give me a few days. I'll come around and be cheery again. And you know what? I am cutting my hair. Everyone will get used to it... I've just got to find the right style. Hmm. This means I'll probably start wearing makeup again. That'd be awesome. Makeup = good.

09 July 2007

Before and After

Okay... summer of 1999. Before and after the big hair cut. Sorry the quality of photo is bad--they are still in the album, lol... The album is kinda old and I don't want to lose the stick on the sheets by pulling the pics out. I want to find some more of the afters, because I did change it some and then I let it grow out.

I still think I looked MUCH better in the after. Caayn says not so much.

Brain Spew

I feel like I am going to explode. There are so many things stuffed into my brain that I can't even begin to process any of it. There is just too much. I wish I had a girlfriend who could come over and let me spill it all, let me cry it all out and then help me pick up whats left. Poor Caayn, he doesn't even stand a chance.

Last night I felt it coming back... before pregnancy, whenever I'd get to the dreaded PMS thing, rather than being an outward bitch, I would start internalizing all these awful thoughts. I'd get highly unsatisfied with my life and feel like I was just the worst person in the world. There would be a flurry of cleaning, throwing things away, etc. A lot of it was hormones, but some of it is also depression. It would be like a snowball that rolled down Mt. Everest. It would start with me being bitchy. I don't particularly like being a bitch, so I would stuff it inside. Which is where the depression picked it up and sent it on its merry way. Last night, I felt everything shift and prepare to start rolling. It's a truly awful feeling.

I got my hair highlighted... except you can't really tell. Caayn keeps reassuring me that its my angle in the mirror. But I dunno. I am now trying to decide if I want to cut my hair off. Yeah, I know. I am never satisfied with my hair. Never. Started when I was little. My grandma would take me to get my hair cut, and I usually chose "the Bob" because, well, that was my favorite uncle's name. Then it would grow out and I'd do it again. In jr high I discovered I could change the color... I went through a hideous phase where my hair was really really puffy (I think puberty must have changed my hair because it became curly and thick rather than thin and straight) and like bright orange.. Anyone remember Sun-In? Haha, I used bottled of that stuff.

I let it grow really long until I was 15. It was the summer I was going into my sophmore year. I had a sheep named Morgan for the FFA. (Whoa yeah, I was in the FFA. Mostly for the sheep, because that was cool. She was punk rock with spots on her leg.) I had been saving a picture from some teen mag for like 3 years... it was short and spiky and cool. I did it. I remember when she cut it at my jawline, I looked in the mirror and thought, OMG I look awful! But by the time she was done, I still think I looked pretty good. I did cut it shorter when I got home, which I see now was a hideous mistake, lol.

Ever since that day, when my hair gets to shoulder length or longer, I cut it off. Two summers since I've been here I have done the bob again... once I did it myself out of pure frustration at my hair. Neither time has it been good. I'm not sure how to get my hair curly again. It sort of stopped being curly when we moved here. I like to think it was the ocean air that helped me, hehe. But now I want to go there again. I want to go super short.

For the record, Caayn is totally against the idea of me with short hair. He likes long hair. Me? I hate long hair. I'm not sure the last time someone other than him and Sully has seen me with long hair that isn't pulled back. I think its because I don't know how to style hair. I know how to do a ponytail and thats about it. Curling iron? No clue. Have one, used it maybe once... its like some foreign machine to me. I dunno. I'm going to post some pictures of me with varying hair lengths, once Caayn comes home to root out my photo album... If anyone is reading, give yer opinion. I need more than a yes and 2 nos. If the hair cut doesn't work, my back-up plan is to dye my hair black and get a perm. I've never done a perm, but I'm hoping it would achieve something cute.

Also stewing in my brain is my dad. Apparently he called my mom. Someone (and that someone is probably my ex sister-in-law) told him I'm pregnant again. He has the address and phone number to our little red house, where we haven't lived since 2004. Over the course of the conversation he said several things. One, that he wanted to be able to just call and talk every once in awhile. Hmm... considering I haven't had a functional relationship with him since I was... 7 or 8... I don't know what we'd talk about. He also asked if me and my brother were "basket cases". Wow. Wonderfully sensitive man, yes? My mom said no, but to be honest, yes, we are. I like to think I am better at hiding it then my Leo-loud brother, although, I've also spent almost my whole life showing one mask or another and never letting anyone in (which is why blogging is nice... typing is so much easier than talking, no one can see me and no one has to know me... well, unless they do, in which case it is a wee bit hard for me knowing they'll read this and KNOW what I'm feeling... its like a peep-hole into my carefully built fortress)...

I'm pregnant. I don't want to deal with this. I want to curl up into a ball and hide from everything. It's too much. I hate him for making me wish, even just a tiny bit, to have a normal dad I could talk to. But I just know if I go ahead and make that contact, all he is going to do is make me cry. Over and over. I can't be sure its worth the pain. I don't even have questions for him about why he did all that he did... I just don't care anymore. Yuck! Sometimes I wish I was someone else. I don't recognize who I am anymore.

06 July 2007

Mike Rowe on Larry King

Title says it all. Tonight at 9pm EST Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs will be on Larry King. Everyone should watch.

Oh, and if you don't know who Mike Rowe is, or what Dirty Jobs is about, then I highly suggest you go google him right now. He does other things, like narrating several other good shows (Deadliest Catch and Ghost Hunters are on the list, both of which are worth watching)...

And all that aside, I nominate him to play the part of Roland, if a movie is ever made about the Dark Tower series.

05 July 2007

Sully's Hopped Up

Sully had his favorite day ever yesterday. He saw hundreds of fireworks and was wonderfully ecstatic each time. He learned the word firework and the word Jimmy, although he was confused at first and thought the one was the other. And he stayed up until 12:30am on purpose!

It took some persuading to get Caayn to agree to go, but by the time we got there, he was in the spirit, hehe. He's a typical Cancer, very homebody and generally happy when its just the family. I was very glad we went. We don't really get out much and it was fun being with other people. (I'm sure they thought I was boring, lol... I've never been very fun at parties--I'm pretty shy so I tend to not talk much and I sort of hung out with Sully the whole time, but I still had a blast.) Plus I got to meet Chad and Jenn, who I previously only knew on WoW through Jimmy. They're pretty funny.

On a pregnancy note... 21 weeks now. I've been having Braxton-Hicks on and off since Tuesday. They were pretty bad that night, a little painful even. Fun, fun. I also can no longer see things that I should be able to. Ugh.

I'm always living a little in the future now... looking forward to when the baby is here, but also really really looking forward to having my old body back. I want to recognize myself in photos again. I want to be skinny and have black hair and fit into shirts I put away ages ago because my belly was always just a little too flabby for... I'm excited! And just think, I'll be in PA in June of next year... I won't be pregnant... I can FINALLY get a new tattoo! Yipee! This gives me a little under a year to decide what it is I actually want. So many ideas, so much indecision. (I get paralyzed with this decision--what if I some day come up with a better tattoo, but I already have on in the place I want that one!) I still want one with Achilles' foot prints.

Hmm... Sully just dropped the fbomb... okay like 5 times. I'd better go see what he's cussing about!

03 July 2007

O.J. Simpson

""Ron Goldman LLC will own Simpson's name, likeness, signature and story and will hawk it to satisfy this terrible judgment. Justice has arrived in Miami," Cook said.

The Goldmans own the copyright, media rights and movie rights. They also acquired Simpson's name, likeness, life story and right of publicity in connection with the book, according to court documents."

I know, I must be the only person to think this, but I feel this is really wrong. The whole case history aside, I'm looking strictly at the bones of THIS case. They stole the book from Simpson. What is to stop this from happening more? Can I go up to a judge and demand that Caayn's books belong to me? The Goldmans' had no right to that... I hate that this is really just a vendetta and that it was allowed at all. This is not justice. This is vengeance. He did this just to 'get back' at Simpson. And the worst part? It wasn't even Nicole's family that were freaking out. If ANYONE had a right to do this (and I still don't think anyone does) it would be her family.

I'm pretty disgusted that they 'own his name, likeness and lifestory'... So what this boils down to, they OWN O.J. Bullshit. What gives anyone the right to own a person like that? I hate that because the whole case was so drawn out, and then redrawn out, and then he had to write this book, that is what gives them a right to do this. Whatever.

Seriously. I want to move to Europe. The United States is just getting too embarrassing to live in. *sigh*

02 July 2007


For breakfast today:

  • 3 & 1/2 hot dogs, no buns
  • 10 bites of Cocoa Puffs from bowl with milk
  • 4 handfuls of dried Cocoa Puffs, occasionally dipped in ketchup
  • 1 cup of Miralax laced grape juice
It's so nice to have my boy back. The one who eats like his mama did when she was growing. This is the boy I love. I also love the boy who now talks about his little brother who resides in Mama's belly.

01 July 2007

Now What?

As I have said before, in our household, if its not one thing its something else.

So on Friday, our dishwasher broke. As in, it out of the blue decided it wouldn't start when you turned the knob to start the cycle. Weird. Housing came out, took it apart and said, "Hmm. It's this tiny piece that broke off. You need a new dishwasher." Joy. The appliance guy is coming out in the morning to take a look and make sure that we really do need a new one. (We do--I don't wash dishes by hand anymore... I did that every day in the little red house, and once we moved on base, I said no to hand washing. So needless to say, dishes are neatly stacked waiting to be washed. In a dishwasher.)

Tonight, at 10pm sharp, our water went out. What? I'm not even sure what happened. Really annoying. I'm pregnant. The only thing I drink is tap water, since I have trouble drinking enough liquids as is and water is the best thing for you. (Let me take this point in time to say: OMG I am so sick of water. YUCK. I think if I could, I would just wallow in any other kind of beverage...) And while this normally wouldn't bother me, several key things are empty. Mainly, my big orange cup and the bottles of water upstairs for mid night gulping. I'm sending Caayn to get me bottled water, lol... which he'll need for shaving and teeth brushing if the water isn't on in the morning. I called Housing, but it was busy, which leads one to believe several other folks have discovered their water is out. Interesting.

Life is anything but dull around these parts.