05 March 2008


I am procrastinating. What I should be doing is making appointments. Already this month we have 5? Shotgun training (mandatory class for Caayn), a sleep thing for Caayn because his surgery to correct his deviated septum appears to have not worked and he is still not feeling rested, a pre-op and then operation appointments for his big V, and Sully's dentist check-up.


I have to make two check-ups, one for Sully and one for Lochlan. The dogs are due for their annual check-up and vaccinations. I have to see a dr to see where we stand on the anti-depression meds (my rx is out), and see if they will let me continue taking them. Plus I seem to have developed a rash. I am alternating calling it an allergic reaction to stretch marks (it's mostly in the places I have the worst stretch marks) or the measels. Gotta find the humor in it somewhere!

So now you see why I am procrastinating. !! And to top all that off, I still have obedience classes on Wednesday nights (this is the last week for Athena, then none next Wednesday, but then I am taking Achilles to the basic class, so it'll start up again the following Wednesday), AND I need to find time to get a hair cut. I can tell Caayn is wanting me to grow it back out, but for once in my life, I am trying really hard to maintain the short cut. Normally I cut it short, let it grow long, cut it short, grow long, etc.

Achilles is going to have SO much fun in obed. He's a quick learner and really enjoys pleasing us. Plus he'll get to go on car rides every week and hang out with other dogs. It'll be a lot of fun. Maybe I'll be able to take him to advanced. I'd love to be able to tack a CGC title on him, since he won't really ever get any others. Athena is too stubborn. She behaves perfectly in class, but that's because she is terrified out of her mind. Once we are back in her comfort zone (home), she'll only do things if it involves treats. And only if she really wants the treat. All I really want her to learn is to recall, but she doesn't really even do that in the class. I think that will be one trick that I need to use good treats for. Just loving her up and singing her praises aren't enough to make her come.


Andrew said...

are your stretch marks low enough so you can't 'easily' stratch them? if you have access to scratch them the rash never seems to go away.

there is anti-itch lotion as well!