21 May 2007

Daily Blahness

Weekends are weird when you are a stay-at-home mom. I frequently don't know what day it is, and usually am two or three days behind or forward. I think Caayn's frequent days off had to the problem, lol, because some weeks he gets a 3 day weekend, or even 4 like I think he has this coming weekend.

But Monday came around like it does (be it an actual Monday or a Tuesday...) and hopefully it will lead to something interesting. As in Caayn has a really strange rash on his forearms. It's been there since last Monday or so. He tried to make an appt, but they couldn't schedule him in until June. For the record, they suck big balls when it comes to appts that really need to be seen soon. Several months back he had something really wrong with his eye and they made him wait a full month before going in... If it had been something major, I'm sure he could have lost his eye sight in that long of a time period. Luckily it was some infection. But still. Supposedly that appt got the ball moving on some change to the base hospital thing, because honestly they cannot make someone wait that long when its serious.... but apparently not since he doesn't have an appt. Grr. He is supposed to (according to me) go up to the person in charge of his shop and tell them whats up, because who knows what that rash is... that person should be like, Eww dude, you're nasty, go to the hospital. Personally, I'm not above taking him to the ER, simply to say "Well, the base hospital wouldn't make him an appt in time..." and be all snooty.

Freaking A. I hate hate hate making appts. Our house always seems to have one or another too.

So thats the fun-filled drama here. Oh. No thats not all is it?

Thursday Jimmy came out and spent like 6 hours working on our computer, and then both the other comp and the laptop... He rocks. It is now working blissfully, except when I move the tower. Who knows what that did, but it sort of made the comp fizzle. Caayn beat it a few times and its working just fine again, lol. But, we did order a new comp. Caayn is tired of this one being a poopy-head. Fine by me. And the best part? It will have Windows XP. No Vista for me. Yuck.

Anyway, I believe that is it for now. Oh, the other fun thing is Caayn is doing his physical fitness test today. Cross your fingers and toes that he does good. I always hate this day.