04 May 2007

Zombies is out to get you!

I have an fear of zombies. And the end of the world. I admit it. I also fear the two of those occuring at the same time. It's totally silly, but I can't help it. This is one of those things where most people look at the situation and say, one isn't real and the other you can do nothing about, so quit worrying. But my mind is very active and very hard to pry off of one topic or another. So sometimes I lay awake at night wondering what I would do if some rampant disease or war or whatnot came through the world and killed most of us off. I, of course, always assume I'm living... And you know what weighs the heaviest on my mind? The Mayan calender. That's right, I am one of those who wonders about December 12, 2012 (or whatever day it is, because I seem to remember something also about May 2012)... I catch myself thinking, well geez, why am I having babies when the world is just going to end anyway?

Oh, and the zombies thing totally came from reading Max Brooks' book, The Zombie Survival Guide. Umm, yeah. I plan on building a house totally zombie proof. With stairs that are either retractable or just have ladders, I haven't decided which yet. I've also been considering building a bomb shelter. That just seems like a good idea. I don't understand why we don't bring those back anyway. I mean, they were way prevelant during what, WWII? I'm not sure when, but seriously, there are way more countries with nucs and the ability to create them, and seem more likely to NEED bomb shelters... So I propose we start building houses with them again. I could use it as like, a secondary zombie shelter, should my house fail me.

I also dream a lot about zombies. Or the world ending. I usually wake up from the zombie ones totally freaked out. Once, I was actually killed by a zombie (in a dream). I thought you weren't supposed to be able to die in your dreams. :P Night before last I had a dream where the military was after Caayn and I... there was something about everyone running and while we were packing bags, I stopped to admire a pie server thing and thought 'but what about the family heirloom pie server?' (which my family totally does not have, by the way)... And then we were running up and down streets with cops chasing us, where I passed a bar that was owned by a guy I used to know named Alex... weird... Jumping over a fence, we ended up in a graveyard. Somehow Caayn got way ahead of me and I saw that he was surrounded by zombies. I, of course, go to help him even though its obvious he is dead. So then I'm running and I get bit, and then some lady grabs me and is giving me injections into my brain to stop the zombie disease. Which works, but then makes the military be after her and me, so we're also running...

Geez. I run a lot in my dreams.

Anyway, yeah. I have twisted weird dreams. Every night. They are often more twisted and more vivid during pregnancy, which is sort of annoying. I guess it wouldn't be bad for someone who isn't me... My dreams are always vivid, and involved. One day I'll have to start a dream journal, just to be like, "OMG what a total freak" 10 years from now when I read it.