31 May 2007

Books and Sickies

Sully is sick. He's sneezing, tearing at the eyes which in turn makes them all swollen and squinty, has a cough and a broken nose. When I say broken, I mostly just mean that its not working right. It's not really running but it's bothering him so much he spends a fair amount of time beating the heck out of it.

Also, he's not sleeping at night. Instead, he spends his time laying in bed shrieking, "Momma!" at the top of his lungs. Half the time I go in there, he doesn't actually want me, it's just the only thing he feels like yelling about (apparently).... But the other half of the time he wants me to get in the crib with him. He's just recently got on this kick where he wants to sleep with me. If we bring him up to our bed, he won't fall asleep. He spends his time kicking, flopping, crawling and prodding us, and talking to the dogs. Around 3 in the morning we usually put him back in his crib so that we can at least get 2 hours of sleep. :P The past few mornings though, I just give in and go get in his crib. It's very sturdy, I must say. And not comfortable at all. Crib mattresses have a plastic wrap thing so babies don't pee on them, and well, they are only really meant for people 3 feet long and under. But he sleeps much better with me there. Silly dude.

The other morning he was breathing really funky and would occasionally stop breathing in his sleep. I mentioned it to Caayn, saying that while I have no experience with it, it sort of made me think of pneumonia. The dr this morning said he has some weird thing growing, thats for sure, and that it involves his lungs, throat and nose, but didn't really give specifics. So Sully is on an antibiotic and we have to give him cough medicine to prevent this from turning into pneumonia (not sure how that works, but whatever)... I'm happy to know that it IS something and not just me doing the mommy thing. I've been good about not taking him to the dr more than necessary and whenever we do go, there is something wrong. Yay for me not being an oversensitive mommy who cries about every little sniffle.

On a completely unrelated matter, I just finished reading the first book in the Otherland series by Tad Williams. It was good, a little slow though. I was warned that the first 100 pages or so were kind of weird, but seriously, I've read some weird books so I thought it was fine. The ending pissed me off though. It just stopped. Like, there was no definite end. I hate hate hate when authors do that. Gives the feeling that they wrote the whole thing out, then randomly just said, "Okay here, here and here are where the books will end." Ugh. I couldn't imagine reading this as a new series and having to wait a year or however long for the next segment! I can't get the next book for a few weeks or so though... I just ordered a few books from Amazon that are trickling in and need to be read. This is what I'm working on right now... Yep, I'm reading books about birth. Since I live in the middle of Hell, there are no good birthing classes here (last time I -really- wanted to try the Bradley method, but there are no instuctors out here, and really, the only thing they have is a Lamaze class at the hospital at a time of night I could never go to)... so I'm going to read up and hope that helps me more than last time. Well. Honestly, anything could. I did nothing at all to prepare for Sully's birth. Nada. Sigh. Have I already mentioned how much I hate living in North Dakota?