04 May 2007

Taking the Greyhound

My dog kicked my ass. It hurts.

When Caayn comes home and the garage door opens, Sully goes running to our connecting back door and opens it up. I usually let him do this, because I like that he can open doors and I know he won't go running out into the actual garage.

Today, things didn't go according to plan. Garage door grinds up, Sully runs screaming to door and opens it, Achilles comes galloping along behind him (the dogs usually are also excited by the sound of the garage door opening), Caayn starts yelling about getting them back from the door and pushes the button to make the outside garage door close. Achilles rockets out into the garage and under the door. I go tearing after him, with just enough space under the door to spare (I think at this point it was starting to go up again though, from the thing being tripped)... Greyhounds are NOT good dogs to allow outside without being on leashs. They are like your normal dog in that some like to chase things, only they can reach top speeds of 40mph which no human can ever hope to achieve on foot. Achilles loves to chase squirrels, dakrats and Yorkies. **Yorkies are Achilles' very favorite type of dog in all of the dog kingdom. If they weren't so unappealing, I would buy him one. So, as life has it, a squirrel was sitting on the sidewalk. He chases it up a tree. I'm running down the street after him, probably scaring all of our neighbors by my icky appearance and pants that are like 8 inches too long. Luckily, he stopped there. Plus, he happens to like me a lot, so he generally doesn't run from me unless we're playing a game.

Anyhow, as I was walking him back to the house, he saw the open garage door and started running towards it. With me in tow. I somehow managed to do a 180, flipping head over heels, and landing on my back. Ouch. That was not comfortable. Especially not when combined with the fact that I already have pubic bone dysfunction from being pregnant.. so now I'm all popping and crackling and in about 10 times more pain than I was before. Ugh. I actually took a Tylenol to ease that a little, and I never take meds. Geez. I'm lucky I wasn't further along, that would have been really ugly.

Thought I'd share my lovely adventure with everyone.