07 December 2006


We went shopping today, sort of. I've had my eye on a pair of boots, and was considering them for Xmas. My manager came to work today with new boots on and said that a bunch of stores in the mall were having sales, especially on footwear and junk. And since I needed a new basal thermometer, I figured I'd try a pair on while we were down there.

Of course, they didn't have my size. I wear a size 7 for the most part, and they only had 8 and up in the color and style I liked. Boo. I tried it on anyway, but it didn't fit. What a shame! It would have been a good deal too. Ordinarily they cost $90, but on sale they were going for $35. Thats a good savings!

The Steelers are playing tonight against the Browns. They've been kicking some serious ass tonight, which is really really good. We need that! Normally we'd stay up to watch the end of the game, but since I've been awake since midnight, we're just going to hit the sack. While at the mall tonight I saw that Cell had come out on paperback finally, so we stopped and picked that up as well as a silly baby book for Sully (its really too young for him)... I saw some gorgeous pregnancy journals... I might need one... There was The Belly Book, which included a space for a new pic each week... I also picked up a pack of holiday cards, so we can send them off to family... I'd better get on that, unfortunately. UGH! And we TOTALLY forgot to take a family Xmas pic, lol.

On the way out of the mall we passed the other bookstore and I saw a gorgeous kid book... I forgot the name of it already, but it was some sort of Xmas one I think, with a mouse, a bunny and a koala (I think). The art work was amazing. I love it! I'm so going back to get it and Stellaluna as Xmas gifts for Sully. Stellaluna is my very most favorite child book ever. Oh man! It's just so beautiful! Anyway, what I was going for when I started digressing up there is that Caayn will probably stay up a bit and read Cell, while I (hopefully) blissfully pass out.

I start the split shift tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't die! However, there is the possibility that the split won't last long. If business slows down any more than it already has, I may not open the second half. It depends on the weather. This morning it was -18 ambient, and -28 with the windchill. VERY COLD. Not only were there like no people in the gym, but would you really want to bring a frozen drink out into that temp? No. No one is interested in that! So hopefully we get back over 20F and business can pick up a wee bit again.

I'm off to bed. If anyone is watching the game, cheer on our team.