14 December 2006

Why does everything in life need a title?

I did our Christmas cards last night. It's weird, even though I wrote basically the same message in each card, I would have to pause a moment to wipe this utterly ridiculous mix between smirk and grin off my face. I'll admit it. I enjoy being a housewife and doing all the little wifely things. Womens lib? Drives me up the wall. Yes, its okay NOT to grow up and get married, its okay NOT to have children, but quit giving the women who DO and enjoy it, shit. Seriously.

Anyway. Caayn is quite thrilled about it though, because he hates signing cards or even writing in them. If it were up to him, our relatives would simply get a card signed "Love, Mr & Mrs Smith". Pfft. And every winter season I start needling on the idea of a "letter". What exactly goes into those holiday letters that women supposedly used to write? Is it for family that you don't actually see? Because I can't imagine writing a letter that entailed all the joys and woes over the past year and then sending it to folks that I talk to regularly and already know all of it. It bothers me. I'm really going to do it one year, once I figure it out.

We still have Abby. This is a great disappointment. She's in the paper that is coming out tomorrow, please dear gods let someone call about her! Holly (short of Jalapeno) is also in the paper, since I decided while it would be cool to have a cat and her kitten, I just can't handle having another kitten. Not with a baby. That was why the cat got declawed when SHE was a kitten, even when I'm morally opposed to declawing. So hopefully we'll get some calls.

I'm reading The Stand now... its one of my most favorite of Stephen King's books. My copy is falling to pieces though and after I'm done with it this time I have to retire it and buy a new copy. Poor thing. And seriously, I am going to unpack our dvds and find a place for them, just so I have an excuse to watch The Stand because ya know, it'll be out and about, not packed away.

There's a nagging feeling that there was something in particular I wanted to write about... I can't remember what it was now. Oh well. If I remember, I'll write again.