07 December 2006

Sleepless in Minot

It seems like most nights are a struggle to sleep. I have the opposite of insomnia. Going to sleep is the easy part, its staying asleep thats hard. Sometimes I'll wake up when I'm rolling over and then thats it, I'm just wide awake after that. It's now 2am, I've been awake since midnight, when I woke up to roll over and found that Abby has her back feet on my pillow (she has a deadly kick and I'd hate to wake up with a broken nose) and her front feet digging into my stomach. I try to roll her over, but she yips, then snarls and attempts to bite before getting up.

And now here I am. Still awake. My problem is the second I wake up, I start thinking. So thoughts of how I need to clean the house, unpack more boxes (we just moved), how working is causing me to not see Sully, how I'm a bad mom because I don't play with Sully enough, how I haven't bought Xmas gifts yet, pay day is Friday, maybe I should quit my job, etc start rolling around in my head. It just doesn't stop. Now I'm on the comp, but thats not really helping. I'd like to get some sort of sleep before 5 rolls around...