16 December 2006

Walk the Line

Just recently we signed up for NetFlix.... It was actually because Caayn got one of those spam emails where they promised us a $250 Victoria's Secret gift card and one of the requirements was to sign up with a sponser. Well, at the end of all that junk (which ended with them mentioning how you could then do the same crap for a $500 gift card..) Needless to say, we got no gift card. Although, wouldn't Caayn be happy, hehe?

So I did the rating movies thing, and stuck a bunch of movies in my queue. NetFlix is GREAT for parents who live no where near family and don't have a babysitter. We've seen all sorts of movies that we were wanting to see for a long time but didn't get a chance to because we couldn't see them in the theatre. Or those oddball movies you can't find or forget to look for in a rental store. Like Cannibal! The musical... Anyway, I'm digressing.

One of the movies we had in the queue was Walk the Line, with Joaquin Phoenix... Mostly because I love to hear people sing. It gives me the chills. All in all, the movie itself was pretty dull. It felt like there was no plot line. But at the very end, they did that little thing they do in true stories. They fill you in on what happened later. On the last "page" it said that June died in May of 2003, and that Johnny followed her 3 months later. I was shocked! I knew when Johnny died, it was after he released that miserable album where he redid all kinds of popular songs (and let me tell you, he forever ruined that Nine Inch Nails song... *shudders*) But I didn't know she had died right before him. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Its like he died from a broken heart. My great grandfather died like that, not long after my great grandmother, and everyone always said it was from a broken heart because he pined after her so much. Sometimes I get boggled over the silliest of things.

And on a side note: A couple came today and picked up Abby. They sound like they could be just right for her--they even have past experience with greyhounds, which was a big point with me.

Anyway, thats it for now... I have to go clean out the cat box. Caayn and I had an agreement that I was supposed to clean it out until I get pregnant, and well, I've been slacking off. Ahh well. I'll return eventually!