03 March 2007

Old Men in Monkey Sweaters!

On a continuing theme of winter weather driving... I notice we have the extremes out here. On the way home from the mall, really close to the turning lane to the front gate, this car goes whizzing by and pulls into the lane directly ahead of us. Now, I was already going 70mph. The roads weren't too icy, but there were still plenty of patches where you could see ice. That guy had to have been going at least 85/90mph. It was ridiculous. And of course, he turns into the visitor's center. I've noticed a reoccuring situation like that, where cars that are really hauling ass on the highway always seem to turn into the visitor's center. I don't know why. (Oh, and the highway actually is 70mph, how cool is that?)

And on the other hand... I kept getting stuck behind trucks who were going way fucking slow. I understand the roads aren't crystal clear... but there is really no need to go 20. Seriously. I hate bad drivers.

Also on my list of things that I MUST share. Friday when we took the dogs to the vet, I saw the most hilarious thing ever. An older guy (probably somewhere between 65 and 80, its hard to tell with old folks these days) wearing the most awful sweater ever. I hope he is a widower (not that I ever hope for that!), simply because I can't imagine any woman allowing her husband to go out in public looking so goony. At least, I always promise to Caayn that I won't let him be one of those guys everyone is pointing at and laughing. I can't find a picture online to share, which is a shame. It was a green tomato colored hairy sweater. Maybe some sort of mohair/angora/cashmere thing... but the hairy strands were at least 3 inches long.... it was SO hysterical. We cracked up for a good five minutes. And then we saw him inside the vet's office and it was really hard not to giggle. Oh man.

And next up. Pictures of Edward the Dakrat. :) I'll make them in their own post... One of these days I'll be forced to sign up with Flickr. It looks much more awesome than poor old Photobucket. Jimmy, more pictures WILL be coming soon. We didn't realize that they were on a different roll of film, so tomorrow we're going to use up the roll and head back downtown to get them developed. Sorry! Linkage will be headed your way before we leave. Promise!


Jimmy said...

Flippin sweet... Pictures!!