06 March 2007

See ya!

We leave today! Our bags are mostly packed, and we're laying out our plans for the day. We need to take the dogs to the kennel, pick up a few extra things, have Sully nap shorter and earlier than normal, and then go to the airport. The flight leaves at 4, so I guess we'll be there at 3pm. That sort of thing SUCKS when you have a kid. Last time we flew, Sully was 10 months old. He took it like a damn trooper. But now he's much older and wiser, and can scream a lot louder. Luckily, we have a really short lay-over in Minneapolis, only 40 minutes. Then we'll land in Baltimore at 10ish, and get in to York around 11pm. So, all in all, a really long day is ahead of us. I'm hoping Sully sleeps through most of the flights/drive/night.

However, before any of that can happen, we have to take the dogs to the kennel. I don't want to! Achilles is my dog. I hate leaving him. I feel like such a damn heel. Plus, he's a total baby. Sleeping on cold hard cement, with nothing but a blanket to provide support is so not his bag, baby. He normally won't sleep anywhere but our bed or the couch. (C'mon, one of the nicknames for Greyhounds is 45MPH Couch Potatoes.) *sigh* Artemis will be fine, she handles kenneling like a pro. She's not a very social dog to begin with. I wish she was, sometimes I just want to scoop her up and hug her.... but she'd urinate like the Bellagio fountains. If we could somehow fix her of that problem, she'd probably be a very fun dog. As it stands though, we can carefully pet her head (when she comes to you first, and you can't look her in the eye while you do) and shoulder area. She's funny though. Sometimes she'll get all wound up and want to play, but she doesn't really know how. Caayn can dangle a rope around in the air and she'll try to get it for a little bit, but before long Achilles comes over, or Caayn got too close to her, and then she'll be done. Silly dog! :)

The cat is back in heat, again, she's only been out of it for like 4 days top. Luckily we're going to be gone the whole time, and then she's getting fixed when we come home.

Yesterday we went walking around with Sully in the snow. He just really enjoys walking outside. Some of the snow in the common area of the backyards on our block is almost knee-high. It had some really cool formations though, from the wind, like ocean waves almost. Very nice. And we tried to climb the drift behind our house, but it was too big. The snow is almost up to the people's fence top! In some areas, the fences are only like 3 feet tall, because the snow is so deep. I couldn't imagine having a dog and trying to keep it in the backyard that way, lol.

Caayn's mom doesn't know we're going out there yet. Over the past year or so, we've sort of fallen out of contact with her. We used to talk fairly often, but now its maybe once in 3 months or so. Which is really sad, because I think she is a really amazing person and I want for her to stay in contact with Caayn! But we're going to surprise the hell out of her, assuming she hasn't run into any of the rest of Caayn's family.

Of course, while we're gone, North Dakota's weather will soar into record highs with lots of warm sunshine. It seems like that happens every time we leave, the weather getting nice. Then it always returns to crap when we come back.

I'd better wrap this up. I might try and post a couple pictures of the dogs later. Chris took a really good one of Artemis, and well, it's really hard to get a good shot of Achilles. He's too black and shiny. Plus, his eyes glow like lanterns every time he's in a picture.