02 March 2007

Winter Weather and Poop

That snow that was forecasted? It happened. And all day yesterday too. We've gotten quite a bit, although I don't have actual numbers to quote. Our patio is knee deep though! Of course, Sully was crying 'suh-bah!' which means snowball, which is what he calls snow. And he wouldn't give in until we got all bundled up and walked up and down the street. He's not big on actually -playing- outside; he'd much rather go for a nice long walk. During the summer, when he was around 16, 17 months old, we would go for really long walks, him pulling me by the hand the whole way. It was fun. He also has to have actual snowballs. He carries them around, occasionally taking a bite, and crying when it starts to melt or his hand gets too cold. It's very funny.

But you know the worst part about snow? The drivers. Out here it seems like with the very first snow, its a given that people will immediately start running red lights. It doesn't stop until summer. And I'm not just saying the light is yellow and turns red when they are half way through. No, this is people who see the light turn red in front of them, and they continue to go. I don't go at a green light anymore, for about 30 seconds, just to see if anyone is going to run... The cops (ha--I think there must be like 5 cars in the whole station) rarely do anything about it. At least, I've seen two at different times just sit there when a light is run. This continues even when there isn't snow or ice on the ground. It's terrible. I turn into this crazy person who yells at other drivers, even though they can't hear me. :D

We take the dogs to the vet today for their vaccinations. Yay! Here's to hoping Artemis doesn't get a male dr!

Funny story: last time we went to PA, Artemis had to get her bordetella shot, which is actually a nasal drop, one in each nostril. Her dr was a male, and she HATES all guys. Well, thats not fair. She hates all people, but guys especially. When he was doing the nasal drops, Caayn was holding her in his arms, and they were all backed into a corner. She freaked out so much that she literally had the crap scared out of her. Yes, she shat herself in her terror. It was hysterical. Poor Caayn, I think everyone in our house, minus myself, has crapped on him. I've got video footage of our first dog Raina, who pooped on him during one of our roadtrips, specifically during a tollbooth.


Chris said...

Don't know about your neck of the woods but the second the flakes start falling, the drivers lose their minds.

Jimmy said...

... and this is where you embed said video into your blog... that would be Hilarious...