01 June 2007

Coffee, Anyone?

I thought today, rather than write about my boring day-to-day stuff, I would do a little shout-out. Awhile back, when I was still working, my boss had a birthday. At least, I think it was her birthday... Anyway, I had the perfect gift. (See, sometimes I'm actually good enough to remember little things during a conversation that stick out.) I hunted online until I found blueberry coffee. Once, we had been chatting, filling the time until Caayn came to pick me up, and she told me a story about how her and her mister had won some thing and were treated to a gourmet breakfast thing with a group of their friends. And she had the most delicious blueberry coffee, and had since never been able to find any.

So I bought her some.

She was very delighted, and unfortunately she went on leave for like 2 weeks after that, and than I quit (or well, its more complicated than that, but whatever) so I never found out if it was good or not... I'm assuming it was, because it smelled heavenly.

Anyway, what this boils down to is check out Green Mountain Coffee Roasters if you like coffee. They have all sorts of flavors and types, lots of imported stuff, plus really cool mugs, some pottery and figurines and stuff. They are really big on Fair Trade, if you are into that. (I'd never heard of it until I visited their website/looked through their catalogue...)

I, who rarely drinks coffee anymore, am really wanting the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Yum. That is one of my very favorite flavor combos. So check them out. They are sure to have something for every palate.