24 April 2007

Quit Calling Me!

Apparently my number is floating around. As in, my cell phone number.

When I first got the phone, there were a fair amount of calls for a Major Bryant. This seemed usual, since pretty much everything around Minot is related to people being in the military (I think the town would deflate like a dead balloon if the base was closed), and we've had that a lot with various phone number changes.

Well, that stopped about 4 months ago, thank goodness. It's always awkward getting wrong number calls, because I don't understand the ettiquete. Do you say thanks for calling or just a plain good-bye, or do you hang up on them?

My mom once had a wrong number call that turned into a really interesting call. Apparently some guy was asking for "father's first and last name". She said they were divorced. Some how the call went on to how was this the same "name" that had a brother named "Uncle"? And that he had twin daughters? It ended up NOT being my dad. How funny is that? The guy had the same name, a brother with the same name (and kids), and it wasn't the right one? That's just weird.

Anyway, so I turn my phone off at night because I'm not the type who likes to get phone calls at strange hours, and with friends and family across the country, it just seems the thing to do to avoid late-night calls. This morning I had an interesting voice mail waiting. Some guy named "something that really sounded like Tick, so I'm assuming Rick" was just calling to say that he was ready to pick the truck up.... Hmmm. Well, considering he had to listen through my personalized voice mail, it's kind of strange that he went ahead and left a message anyway.

Then, just now, another guy called looking for a guy named Randy. Hmm. No. I put my phone back down and go back to Warcraft (Sully's napping, and it's that or clean up the living room... hmmm..) when the same guy calls back. I didn't answer it that time. Seriously. He apparently has the right number... So, this makes me wonder who is giving my number out? I think there are maybe 3 people in Minot who have it (not including Pizza Hut, medical offices, Victorias Secret and like all the vets in town). Everyone else is family and a few friends in various other states. it's not likely to be anyone I know.

Seriously. I'm the person you HATE to have in your phone book. I will change my phone number at the drop of a hat if I need to (I think we've had 5 phone numbers in the 3 years we've lived here...) Last time it was because of abusive telemarketers. Sometimes having a number that is restricted to folks living on the base is irritating. So if these random people don't stop calling and asking for other people, I will have to see what I can do to stop this. Grr. I should be a darn hermit.

And now, back to my previously scheduled game of Wow, in which I was running across Redridge Mountains as a ghost. Because the darn murlocs killed me. Poo.