27 January 2008

Achilles The Bad Karma Boy

Today peaked at a whopping 45 degrees! The high for Tuesday is stated at being -12. What is up with the weather out here?!

Since the weather made it over 40, I took the hounds out to the dog park. We met up with Jimmy and his new friend, Spartan, the italian greyhound. A good time was had by all. Athena just loves to get out there and run. She'll weave beside you, mere inches from your legs... once she just ran flat out into Jimmy and knocked him on his keister. It was hilarious. We were pleasantly surprised by her excellent behavior with Spartan. At the house, she thinks he might be prey, and spends most of the time trying to whack him a good one. But she mostly ignored him. (To the point where she occasionally used the poor guy as a speed bump to slow her progress...)

However, my big black fella hit his bad luck jackpot again. I feel so bad for him--about 85% of the time we go out for some fun, he gets hurt. Today I think it was worse than it has ever been so far. He ripped off one of his dew claws. He didn't make a peep when it happened and it was only while holding his collar when someone was bringing in a new dog that I noticed the bright red blood trickling down his paw. I got the e-vet on the phone and he said to see if I could get the bleeding to stop, and then wrap it up and bring him in tomorrow. Putting the powder on was horrible--he has the worst scream ever. It drills right into your very soul. He is just the sweetest dog in the world and does not understand why there has to be pain. I wrapped him up with gauze and then some of that medical wrap. I gave him a rimadyl tablet when we got home and settled him upstairs. I'm going to have to make sure to wrap his other foot every time we go to the dog park now, to make sure he doesn't rip that one off. Poor guy.

I've got more to write about, but I've got to get Lochlan settled for the night, which will effectively put the household to sleep... so I'll continue tomorrow, with an update on Achilles.


Patience-please said...

Stinkin' old dew claws. Give your handsome boy a gentle kiss on his forehead from me.


Momma Phoenix said...

Will do! He's getting lots of loves, just in case he is feeling really bad and isn't actually saying anything. (He is usually pretty good about letting you know what is going on.)