24 January 2008

Athena Rawks!

Another obedience class has gone by. Athena did really good! It takes her to the end of the class to warm up to the situation. That's when she feels comfortable enough to start walking out further on the leash, sniffing other dogs and people. It seems to me like it might be considered 'bad etiquette' to let your dog walk up and sniff other dogs... whenever the other dog starts to sniff back, the owners seem to always give the leave it command. Whatever, I'm not going to stop her. I'm just glad to see her come out of her shell. I talked with the instructor after the class about the 'local' kennel club. I say it like that because the Bismarck kennel club is two hours away... Apparently they do fun matches all over the state and fun stuff like that. She also attends dog shows in Canada, since we are right by the border. She said if I wanted to go to any of the kennel club stuff or shows, she'd give me a ride in her van. So yay!!

Of course, this is always assuming that Athena shows interest in the show ring. If it's obvious that she doesn't like it, I'm not going to push her. Unfortunately the next show in Canada (not sure if its in Manitoba or Saskatchewan... OMG, spell check didn't ding me... I spelled that right!) is the weekend of my wisdom tooth surgery... so I couldn't even tag along to scope out the scene! Boo.

Lochlan is getting so big! I think he has to weigh 10lbs easy... maybe 11. We're still going strong with nursing, too! I'm really proud of that. Not happy about being away from him for 3 days or not being able to nurse following the tooth thing though. Supposedly I can nurse him after 12 hours, but not sure I want to if I am on percocet, which is the "safest" while breastfeeding. He's really perfected his smile, although I haven't managed to get a photo of it yet. I can already tell he'll be a serious little baby, like Sully was. You kind of have to put some effort into getting that smile out. Or else not look at him. He's always grinning at whoever isn't looking at him. Silly kiddo. I can't wait until he laughs. I bet it is going to be just the cutest sound in the world. Still sleeping really well, fortunately. We've been going to bed around midnight lately (which is just too late, both of us are exhausted all the time), so I'll nurse then. Lochlan will sleep until 6am ish, when he'll want a diaper change and to halfheartedly nurse. Then he's up at 8am for a real nurse. Then a good nap until 11am ish. I'm not sure how I lucked out like this.

Sully has really started taking his art seriously. He actually draws things now. His people resemble jellyfish--big circle head, and anywhere between 4 and 8 lines as legs (I think he is actually going for the 'outline' of a leg, one line for each side). He gives them eyes and a mouth. If he is really into it, he'll give them ears and arms. The arms are just circles. It's really amazing. He draws pictures of the dogs. The other day he drew a picture of Athena's tail--a thickish line that curled up towards the end. It's crazy!! And one page of printer paper he filled with balloons, which are small circles with incredibly long strings attached. I love it! And he's making leaps and bounds with speech. We have real conversations now. His words are very clear. I think that 3 is going to be a really fun age.

And amidst all this going on at the house, I some how found some time to renew my world of warcraft account. Caayn didn't cancel his and so now his main character is 70. Boo! So now I have to catch up... only my old main (Ahtura on the Terrokar server, if anyone cares) is alliance... and before I quit, I had been leveling up some horde too. I can't decide what to do! I don't have any characters that I consider my main now, since I'm spending equal time on them all. My "mains" are Ahtura the level 48 rogue on alliance (she is my only alliance character), Loreza the level 35 hunter, and Thelisa my level 22 mage. I think I'm going to put more effort on my rogue, since she's only 10 levels away from Outlands now. I can't wait to get there!!

Next weekend is the Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club fun match... ! I'm so excited. I ought to give Carol a call and see how things are going out there. And plus, that following Monday my mom is flying in. I'm hoping she'll be a better house guest now that she is not living with her old boyfriend. Crossing fingers here. Especially since the last time she was out, we pretty much swore she would never come out again. Ugh. I love her to death, but sometimes...

And now to end this ridiculously long post about nothing! I need to write more often. Maybe I'll have something interesting or worthwhile to write about then, lol. Probably not. ;)


Patience-please said...

On the nose sniffing, just ask if it's ok first. If people have a scared or aggressive dog, there's nothing more stressful than someone else letting their dog invade your dog's space. Plus, it will be bad for Athena, if she's getting confident enough to socialize and then have a fear biter snarf her.
Sounds like she's doing GREAT! Which means you're doing great, of course.
Good luck with your wisdom teeth and your mom's visit.
I can't imagine how cold it is there. It's 14 here tonight and oh that makes me angry!
Your babies sound so sweet and delightful. My son is 31, but it seems just like yesterday...

all the best-

Momma Phoenix said...

Thank you, Patience. There are a couple of dogs who have space issues at the class; we tend to avoid them! But it does make sense to ask.

I bet 14 makes your waggle angry too! I know our hounds just hate when it gets real cold like that.