11 January 2008

First Time

Yesterday night was the first of the obedience classes. That was a lot of fun! Athena was about as nervous as a dog could get though, poor thing. She kept trying to crawl under the chairs. We learned to have our dog in the heel position, and then to walk forward, then stop. When we stopped, the dogs had to sit. (Our homework for the week is to have the dogs sit without needing to be touched.) And we did about faces. I kept forgetting that the dog needed to be on the outside. :P

All in all though, fun! I think it will be really good for Athena though, in that she'll be getting some socialization with other dogs as well as people. And the room is kind of big and echo-y, so she can learn to be okay with that too. I was very proud of her on the leash. She did really good.

And today when I went to the gym, I walked almost 3 miles. Go me! Hehehe. I even managed to run 1/8th of a mile... too many of my muscles aren't toned enough to run much more... By the end of that lap, I definitely have to stop. Hopefully I'll be able to get all that back together again soon!

Tomorrow is Lochlan's two month birthday. Two whole months. He's getting so big. Finally he is out growing some of his newborn outfits. It's a little sad though. They're so cute! I think this time I'm going to save more things than I did last time.

Caayn has started looking at his cross training choices. He is trying to get in contact with a person who he can talk about this stuff with... His first job pick has some good base choices... one is in Italy (Aviano), one in Germany (Ramstein)... and the bases in the USA that we're looking at are Robins AFB in GA, Langley in VA, Shaw in SC... I also like Wright Patterson in Ohio, but I don't think Caayn is interested. He's wanting something near a coast. I'm wanting something near some whippet clubs. Haha!

I'm excited for him to start this cross training business. We've been waiting for so long it seems. Finally we're here. It'll be lots of changes. The tech school for the career he's looking at is 120 week days long (doesn't include weekends), which means we'll probably pack up and go with him... and then from there, we'd move again to the permanent station... whee!! I look forward to the chaos, oddly enough. It's going to suck moving in that we'll leave Jimmy behind. This is why I was so determined not to make friends when Audry moved. It's too painful to get close to someone and then have them move away, or you move away. Boo.


Patience-please said...

Good for you and Athena!


Momma Phoenix said...

Thank you!