29 January 2008

Whose Bright Idea Was It To Settle In North Dakota?

Just a little weather update.... last night the winds were over 40 mph. I think the temp was around 5 when I checked at 8... I'm probably off. Not sure what the wind chill was though. All I know is I bundled up to take Athena out and when I tossed her out (I always have to give her rear end a hoist because half way out her brain sends a signal saying the front is really cold and to abort mission...) she ran three feet and whipped around back to the door. I went out in the yard, trying to call her to me. The wind was so fierce my words were gone almost before they reached my lips. It was even difficult drawing a breath. No wonder she didn't want to pee! I told Caayn to expect some messes in the house because there is no way she'll go in that. You may get her outside, but she won't do any business.

This morning it is -22. With wind chill, it's -52. BRRRR. At least the wind isn't blowing like it was yesterday. When it's this cold that extra wind is just too much. (Not that I have too much experience here--when it's this cold, this little lady doesn't venture beyond her door.) However, last year when it dipped low like this, Caayn nearly got frostbite on his ear. He definitely got what is called frostnip, which is just before that. His ear was swollen and red and just plain bad for awhile before it went back to normal. Let's hope this weather goes away before my mom gets out here. She's been living in Arizona the past year, and has since adjusted to living in that climate. This would just be too much!

Achilles is doing better... the vet wrapped him up and gave us some antibiotics. Unfortunately I didn't talk to her, so I really have no clue what the heck happened. With Achilles all doped up, I just wanted to get him home. (He walked right past me when they brought him out, and hardly recognized me when he did see me!) So I don't know what the x-ray found, I don't even know how often his bandage should be changed, or if he can have any pain meds or what. Not even a word on activity levels. I've been keeping him quiet though. He's still not really able to get it comfortable. We both had trouble sleeping last night. But all this boils down to two things: a) it's usually best to get an appointment and b) I've got to call the office and have the vet call me back when she has some time so I can ask her these things. :P

Carol called night before last. Her mother passed away a few days ago. She was on hospice, and that is just tough. My grandfather was on hospice as well and had a similar time at the end, with the amount of morphine and frequency given. At that point the end is a relief. They are no longer in pain, no longer suffering. I'm sorry for her loss though. No matter what age, I'm sure it is very hard to lose your mother. I hope I don't have to deal with that for many many years (mother-in-law included!).


Patience-please said...

-52 ? I fainted again.

Hugs to Achilles-