06 January 2008

Potty Talk

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!

Sully has reached a new milestone in his ever changing world of toddlerhood. Today he peed in the toilet. Of course, there were two accidents, one before and one after, but we don't care. He did it! It was so exciting. And since we made such a huge deal of it, he's now really excited about it too. The rest of the day he kept asking to go sit on the toilet. He didn't do anything else, unfortunately, still... This is a huge step. He has realized a lot of things. Like the fact that he can pee without a diaper on, on purpose. And that actually peeing while sitting all stretched out on the toilet is okay too. (He looks so funny sitting on that big ol' seat... I'd take a picture... but... it'd be considered inappropriate.)

And Athena is getting better about going outside. For the most part she is down to one accident in the house a day, or none. It depends on the weather outside and how well we pay attention. She has such a tiny whine at the door that if you aren't keeping about 10% of your consciousness thinking about her, you might miss it.

On the downside of all this potty discussion... the cat has been really having problems about peeing on our bed. We aren't really sure what her deal is, but it is seriously getting old. The bedroom door now has to be kept baby gated AND closed. Poor Achilles, he is sad that he can't sleep on our bed all day. I think we need more dog beds. And soft cozy blankets. *cough*

(Wal-Mart has these uber soft wonderful blankets for $5... I think I have 6 or 8 of them now... Caayn thinks I have a sickness... but I can't help it. They are awesome blankets. One of them we've had for a year now, and it is still just as soft and wonderful as it was brand new. I NEED at least 10 more. I swear. I could find uses for every single one. Caayn disagrees with me. Boo.)


Patience-please said...

Yay Sully!!! YAY soft cozy blankets (I probably have accumulated literally 20 or more over the years. They do not wear out!)

Momma Phoenix said...

Exactly my thoughts. Not to mention, you just never know when you will need more blankets!