11 January 2007

For Shame

Shame on me. See? I start a blog and what do I do? Stop posting. Geez. Anyway, here I am.

Lost my job on Monday. Literally! Since we cut our hours so far back, we only have enough hours for oneperson to work and the lady with the full-time position gets prefrence over the lady with the part-time position. I got squeezed right out. Oh well, its not like I mind. I was going to quit later this month anyway. Yeah, you heard me. I can't take the pressure! Plus, I'm hoping for a positive pregnancy test at the end of the monthish, and I'd like to enjoy my remaining time with the Sully-monster before we add a new baby to the mix.

You want to know the perks to not working? I clean. I unpacked like 4 boxes since Monday. Thats more than we've unpacked since we've been here. (I may be exaggerating.) My kitchen is clean too. It's nice.

Abby is still gone, thank the gods. That last couple who took her home called a few days after they picked her up to let us know that she was doing superb with them. Caayn and I cheered with joy.

You want to know the dark underside to staying home? I get weird obsessions with tv shows. Back before I started working, my obsession was Judging Amy. Why? I have NO idea, considering I never ever watched the show back when it was still airing new episodes. I had better shows to watch. Now its Charmed. Caayn teases me, but I can't help it. TNT shows 2 episodes in the morning and two in the afternoon. I ONLY watch the morning ones, and never the afternoon ones if I can help it. Why? I dunno. I'm a freak, I'll admit it.

And now, I have things to do. Errands that can be run, from my telephone. :D This should be fun.