15 April 2007

Blah blah blah

Just a few things real quick...

First, I am sick. God damn. I hate being sick. It attacked out of nowhere yesterday. Luckily its just a head cold, so basically only my head feels really ill. It stops right above my upper lip. From there down, my body has no clue its sick. Whatever. And its totally lame because when you're pregnant, like every good drug is not for you. Poop.

Second, Caayn is stuck doing 12 hour days. 6 to 6. They're doing something called a generation, but don't ask me what that means... I *think* its like an inspection, or maybe its a practice drill thingy? I don't know. He tells me every single time (usually multiple times) but my brain is like a sieve when it comes to military talk and I hardly ever remember anything relating to it. Which is annoying. Anyway, what it means is he leaves an hour earlier, doesn't get to come home for lunch and will come home an hour and a half before Sully's bedtime. Boy, Sully is going to HATE me. This morning, he woke up saying, "Hello Daddy! Daddy, come here!" Which was fine, since its Sunday... except Caayn is at work.

Third, I did find a minor use for MySpace. I found Kristin! YAHOOO! I'm so excited, so is she. Apparently she has been trying to find me too but couldn't remember my last name. (Seriously, I wouldn't have remembered hers either, except I have her old drivers license, lol.) And even my last name wouldn't have done her any good, because I got married not long after I lost contact with her. But anyway, its really awesome. Now I regret not getting on MySpace sooner, because if I had, I could have gone to see her when we went to PA in March. God damn. Again. It'll be awesome when we move out there though. She'll be like 3 or 4 hours from the town we'll be living in, but that won't matter, because seriously thats not far at all. I'd visit every week. :D

Fourth, we are so addicted to World of Warcraft now. We ran out and bought the game/expansion set so that we could have a full account. Very fun. However, I'm totally boggled about the rules. So to have an account, you have to have the verification key that says you bought the game. Each account is $14.99 a month. For every single account, you need a BRAND NEW key. So if Caayn and I want to have seperate accounts (which the rules say you have to, only 1 adult is allowed per account), we'd have to buy a whole second set of games. Which is an extra $60 on top of the $60 we already paid. The thing that confuses me is, people lend computer games to friends all the time, or sell them too. What happens if you lent the game to a friend and they used the same key? How would that work? Would everyone get in trouble? Seriously, thats such a dumb rule. (I wonder what a large family would do if every single one of their, say 12, children wanted to play WoW. They would have to buy -12- games!) WoW should just have a place on their website where you can straight out buy a code for like $5 bucks.

Thats it!