20 April 2007

Stuff including a trip to the midwife

I'm back from my first midwife appt. It went well. She seems like a really good lady, and we have very similar thoughts about pregnancy and labor/delivery. She's for me trying a VBAC like I want, and is pulling my old records from the other doctor. Apparently she thinks they were sort of full of crap in regards to the c-section... Which is good, because I feel the same way. I also heard the heart beat, faintly, and it was pulling a good 169! Yipee!

Also, she said I'm looking so much bigger because my stomach muscles never got tight again after Sully. So poop. Tummy tuck, here I come. And when asked about my umbilical hernia correction, she said if they didn't put in a shield thingy (which I don't think they did) that there is a possibility of it happening again. (And that she was surprised they did it in the first place, that its normal procedure to wait until a woman is done having children to correct it.) OH. And that she will try and sneak in a 20 week ultrasound with the excuse of having had a prior c-section, so that I can see the gender... Tricare is such a craphead regarding ultrasounds. They will refuse any that are not medically necessary--which is dumb, because it generally IS medically necessary. They can be used to see which way the baby is facing, etc, which is handy for labor... Besides, all drs who deal with Tricare will make up a medical excuse so women can get one. Seriously.

Anyway, enough baby talk. I was talking to a cousin who I hadn't talked to in ages (due to distance and never really having a way to contact her), and she mentioned a rumor that she had heard about how my uncle (her dad) could possibly have a twin. How bizarre!! Now I'm like all, whooo thinking about it. I love my uncle very much. He's the father I wish I had and just the all-around greatest, most human man alive. The thought that there is a man related to him, that has the same genes, is just mind boggling. I can't really even express my thoughts on this, so I'll just stop there, lol.

It was good talking with Talia. She's so hysterical. Growing up, there were a total of 6 grandkids (my brother, my two cousins, myself and then two other grandkids who were of a different age and lived in a different town.) The four of us were pretty tight knit, because we were together. My brother and Talia were born a year apart, I believe, and then Savannah and I are a year about (our birthdays are both in November, mine at the beginning hers at the end). We did all sorts of weird things and it was a lot of fun. I'll always remember things like how Talia had this laugh that was so infectious that you just couldn't help but laugh too. And how when I would visit them in Wyoming she would always be willing to do 'makeovers' on me, which was fun.

Family is fun. There's nothing quite like it. I hope Sully has good memories like this too.

And to mix things up, a little more about WoW. I think we need a new video card. Our game keeps running funny, and everyone from just regular players to the tech support for the game keeps telling me this. Boo. But its still fun.

My MIL got a puppy yesterday!! I would have posted sooner, but I wasn't sure if any of the in-laws read this and would have hated to ruin the surprise. It's an English Mastiff puppy, and she has wanted one for a long time. It is SO adorable. By the time we get to see it, it'll probably be as big or bigger than Achilles. (And when I say big, I mean height-wise, since all dogs are bigger in mass than the greyhound, but only a few breeds really top him in height.) They named him Zeke. Yipee! I've been so exited about this ever since Mike (her fiance) told us he was getting it for her birthday... She called us like the day before asking for hints as to what he was getting her. Pfft. Like we'd tell!

One more thing, then I'm wrapping this up. Sully is terrified of any kind of pop-up butterfly thing. We had a book about catepillars (whatever I can't spell that word apparently) that at the end, a giant butterfly popped out. Well, he would shriek and throw the book as far as he could, so we had to tear it out.... Now he has a really cute book with the little flaps he lifts. One page is about moths, which are just as good as butterflies to him. But now he leaves the book open specifically to that page, runs over and squats near it, and starts yelling. Then runs away. What a dork! The book is basically just dead to him now, except for that bit of weirdness. Oh the joys of having a son, LOL.

Thats all for now, folks!