21 April 2007


I hunted down the old online comic that I used to read. It's called Sluggy Freelance and is really funny (once you get into it, anyway). In order to find it, I had to hunt around through my old livejournal posts... which in the end were totally useless and I found it by checking out my old interests. However, I got a chance to peek through some of my old writing. Most of it was awful (and the majority of it revolved around some guy that I was utterly obsessed with, blech), but it did remind me of things. Like how little sleep I used to get. I'm not sure how I used to function. And it reminded me that I used to be all ::poing poing:: style. As in, there was lots of the poinging. That comes from Kiki and Bun-Bun from Sluggy, but it also came from a guy named Eli, who had ferrets when I had my ferret... and every time we would talk, it would be about ferrets, and usually involved great amounts of the word "Poing!" Ha. I was so weird.

I wish I had some pictures of my old carpet shark, just for sharing value. He was darn cute! I got him in Las Vegas and had to smuggle him back in to CA, since they are illegal there. Not that that stops anyone, or stops vets from treating ferrets... I named him Olliver, but it took so long to think of his name, that I had already gotten used to calling him Ferret. I think the name was just so in conversation I wasn't calling him Ferret to other people. He was funny. Spent a lot of time making mad dashes at things from heights, or stealing the odd food things that I had in my room (this was when I was renting a room from a friend)... I lost a lot of boxes of pop-tarts to that bugger. He was let out of my room when Caayn and I moved in with my aunt and uncle, and they always had the front door open... I searched for him for a really long time, but never found any traces of him. Poor thing.

Anyway! Read Sluggy. It's funny. And Kiki is the cutest ferret EVER. Go here to start at the very first strip... beware though, the strip started in August of 1997 and I think its still going. You'll have a lot of reading ahead. The funnier stuff happens after like the first year.