08 April 2007

A Story About My Bro

(This is me and Rob at my reception, the day after my wedding... The second picture is me and him at his wedding.. and it may be one of my fave pics of us--not sure how it came out being scanned into the comp...)

I have a brother named Robert. He's 6 years older than me, and probably my most best friend. When I was little, we hated each other. I'm sure most of it was the whole 'little sister' thing, because I know that I liked him... at least, I always wanted to hang out in his room, which had the coolest comics and steelies and all sorts of cool things that boys have. He listened to rock n roll and metal, I listened to country. I thought his friends were the coolest guys on the planet (especially Blaine and his uber awesome shiny red bike with all kinds of cool gadgets)...

When I was 12 I think, he got married. I've spoken before about his wife. I hung out with them sometimes, and I babysat my niece almost everyday for a long time while my sister-in-law finished school. They moved 2 hours away, so I saw them whenever one of his friends would give me hitch out there.

When I was 15ish (this is that dread time period of 1999-2003 that I spoke of in my last post, where time is wonky and I'm not really sure of dates and ages and stuff), my brother's marriage went crazy and he moved back home. We became very close. We hung out all the time, we partied, we went to Pappys (a truck stop back home) where I got a very yummy brownie sundae all the time...

I miss that. Talking on the phone just isn't quite the same. Whenever we hung out, we were always doing something cool. Cruising around Pismo or hitting San Luis, once we drove out to Guadalupe for no other reason than we were talking and having a good time and it was something to do. Now he's doing these things without me, since he's still back home in those places. I wonder if he misses hanging out with his little sister.

So anyway, what this boils down to is he apparently joined MySpace. That's right. My dreaded archenemy. I hate MySpace. It's like the cesspool of the internet. Thinking about it makes me shudder. And he told me to join so that we could keep in contact more often than on the I did. (And I have to say, I'm glad I did, just because I finally saw a recent picture of him, and was flat-out shocked... his hair is long, long like it hasn't been since he was in high school... so that was pretty shocking, needless to say, lol. Also, I got to see his tattoo, which I haven't been able to see. It's surprising that seeing him in a picture after 3 years of having not seen him makes my heart hurt! I miss that guy!)

And this is a long way of saying, if anyone wants to friend me or something, this is where you can find me. Don't expect anything cool, since well, I'm not cool. I won't do any blogs, since I blog here... and I currently don't have a picture up because I have no good pictures of my face. Well, Caayn took a crapload of awesome pics back in like 2004, but I've managed to find that they are NOT in our drawer of pictures, which means they are probably packed in a box somewhere... so yeah...