03 April 2007

Hello Poop!

Sully has learned about Mickey Mouse. It started at his birthday party, when one of his presents came in a Mickey bag, which spoke whenever you lifted the flap. He was thrilled by this!

Yesterday I went hunting through the assorted Disney channels we have, trying to find something with Mickey. Apparently he isn't as cool as he was when I was little, because there are only two shows and both blow. One is CGI and the other has the Disney characters all modernized... which is a little creepy. So we watched one. He was like, whatever. After the show went off, the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh came on. I watched that up until I was like in junior high, for several reasons (most having to do with the fact that I just plain like cartoons and kid shows). Anyway, so they play the theme song, which embarrassingly enough I still remembered the words to, and then cut directly to a commerical break. After having NEVER seen anything Pooh related, Sully cheerfully says, "Bye Poop!"

I about died laughing. That was the funniest thing I've heard him say in a long time. When the show came back on, he cheerfully said, "Hi Poop!" And thats apparently how he is going to refer to him. It's hysterical.

Unfortunately for Sully, there is about to be a rash of bad programming that he will be submitted to. I am so flat out exhausted that I can't hardly drag myself off the couch or even open my eyes. Luckily Sully is good at entertaining himself, so he doesn't mind... but it definitely makes me feel rotten. I can't wait to get out of the tired phase. When I was pregnant with Sully, we lived downtown in this tiny red house... and Caayn didn't come home for lunch. I think I lived on the couch from 6am when he left for work until 4pm, just before he came home, lol. However, I was pregnant the whole winter, so that didn't help. This time I've got all of spring and summer ahead of me. Now, if the weather would just cooperate and be nice. When we had that like week of really nice weather, Sully got so excited to be outside. Now he's always asking to go out, and I don't like trudging around in 30degree weather. So... warm up!