12 April 2007

World of Warcraft

Yesterday we were at the BX buying AAA batteries and various stripey things for a new BDU top for Caayn, when I finally caved to the little $1.99 copy of World of Warcraft, that was basically a 14 day free trial.

All excited, I promptly come home (well, after making a pitstop at the dry cleaners to drop off said shirt, and hunting for pink lemonade which the BX stopped selling and so did the shopette, which pissed me off because all I wanted was some damn pink lemonade!!) and popped the disc in. It took forever to download, like an hour maybe? I could be exaggerating. So then I get the prompt to make an acct name. Joy! Done. What's this? I now have to download the actual game from the website? 3.16 GBs? It took probably around 8 hours to download, maybe longer. I started it at 6ish, and by the time I collapsed into bed, it was 11pm and only 50% done. It was doing 400MBs per hour. Caayn said that was fast, I said SLOW.

And just now, I was going to start poking around before Sully is up, and it said I needed to download something else (a patch, I assume). It was 465MBs, and finished in about 20 minutes. Hmm. Looks like I was right, it was going way slow.

So, yep. I'm hoping this is fun. We tried EverQuest like ages ago, and we never did figure out what the heck the point of that game was. I wish we had geeky friends who could help us out with this. The community center on base hosts LAN parties, for UT apparently, I was telling Caayn they should host a WOW party... I think way more folks play it.

One more thing that has me confused. I read terms and conditions very thoroughly (thanks Neopets, the conniving freaks with about 100 special loopholes in their T&C), and I noticed it said you can only have 1 account. On the account you can create various characters, but only 1 person should access it (well, and 1 minor child if the person is a parent or guardian of said child)... what about big families? Do they each have to have their own comps? Caayn and I will share this account... are we going to be breaking the rules? We only have one comp that is game-worthy... his laptop is strictly for his writing, it has bare bones for anything else. Boo.