24 January 2007


You know want to know a fun waste of time while you are sitting on the comp trying to think of something to blog? Looking at other people's blogs, and then going even further and clicking all the blogs THEY list, and so forth. It's great. I'm wasting a lot of time here!

Actually, I can't think of anything to blog because at least 6 of my 7 available brain slots are busy trying to think of a funny, clever, individual way to tell Caayn that I'm pregnant. Not that I am, or well, to be honest I could be, but since there's no physically possible way to know for certain... err, what? As I was saying... Yeah, everything has been done! Not to mention he already kind of knows. (Umm, okay, we had like 9 solid days of sex. I'm pretty sure he's on to me here.) All that happy crappy aside, I still can't think. There's the whole buying a crib and wrapping it up, which in my opinion is just downright funny. But I would never be able to carry it into the house. I could hire a barbershop quartet, but I don't know where I'd send 'em. Caayn works in a super secret bunker. Not really, but he may as well. The bun in the oven thing is not my thing, the baby themed dinner is kind of twisted (if I served it on baby plates too then it would just be comical...) Hm. I don't know.

Personally, I think the whole girl thing is overrated. Girls get the raw end of the deal, seriously. We bleed monthly, we push humans out of body parts after growing them in other body parts, we get scary hormones that make us raging crazies, we get commercials on tv for yeast infections and feminine odors (seriously, have no commercial makers taken a whiff of a sac in the middle of summer?)... and to top it off, we have a variety of sticks that we can pee on and procede to analyze. It's totally bizarre. There are women who even take the sticks apart. EWW. How close do you need to be to your own pee? It's weird.

Think I'm going to leave you with that thought. I'm evil like that. Plus, I have a forgotten mug of cocoa sitting on the arm of the couch. Good thing the cat isn't as evil as she could be.

Oh and one more thing. If you:

  1. 1. Read
  2. 2. Read Stephen King
  3. 3. Read the Dark Tower series

then I'd totally appreciate it if you checked out Caayn's website. It is Can Calyx. You'll want to check his Prologue link on the left. You won't be disappointed!


James said...

... Blogs are also a way to learn WAY too much about your friends...
I now know why Caayn wants to leave work early every day... Oh wait... it is because it is work... nevermind then...

Ohh you could get the cops at work to arrest him and then... oh wait that wouldn't work... you can have them arrest him anyways... hehe

Momma_Phoenix said...

Yeah, but what would the cops do? Throw him in the back of the car, drive around and then say "Oh haha, we're just kidding, your wife is pregnant!"?


James said...

... Actually now that someone says err... types it outloud it sounds like a good idea...

*ducks kitten thrown by Caayn*

Rude Cactus said...

You know, I've read King but never the Dark Tower series. Have to check those out.