12 January 2007


Before I go any further, I have to tell you about GA. It was good. I wasn't disappointed. I love that show. Thats it! I'm not one for spoilers, so I can't share what happened.

Now, on with the post. So this morning the temperature is -21F. With the windchill, its -43F. Yeah, baby! That is downright cold. However, speaking from experience--its about the same amount of cold as -60F. :P So yesterday when I drove Caayn to work and the dude to daycare (I paid $65 for the week on Monday, thinking I would still be working, so he's finishing out the week) I suggested that he wear his facemask, since he has to walk a long way in the cold. He was like, "No, the wind is blowing at my back, I'll be fine. If its still blowing that way when I leave, I'll wear it."

Fast forward to 2:30pm when I'm picking him up. The wind is still blowing and I think it was a little colder, but I don't know... He jumps in the car all frosty and covered in wind tears. His ears are pretty much white. We drop off some paperwork and then go home. By the time we're home (and we listened to the Steve Miller Band all the way there, let me tell you) his ears were thawing out. BUT he freakin' got frostnip in one of them. BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WEAR A FACEMASK. Dork! It was very very swollen all night, and only looks a little better today. If he had to walk any further, I'm willing to bet he could have gotten something more severe. And it is SO hard to find anything relating to frostbite in this form. Most sites talk about it in relation to prolonged exposure. Up here in the Frozen North, you don't need to be out more than 3 minutes to get frostbite. The first year we were here, it was -60 for a couple of months I think. In under 30 seconds, exposed flesh can freeze. Yeah. Like I tell my family though, the weather ain't bad when you don't go outside! (Boy, I don't think any of them can comprehend that kind of cold. I'm from the Central Coast of CA. If it drops below 50, it is COLD!)

Seriously. Cover exposed body parts when its cold out, okay folks? Even my dog won't stay outside more than 5 minutes when its this cold, and he's the idiot who will stay outside in a blizzard even though he wants in really bad. (He does this annoying thing where he'll beg and scratch at the door to come in, but when you get to the door and open it, he runs away. Dumb ass.)

On another note, Sully fell down the stairs last night. We have two sets of stairs, one going upstairs, the other going down. They are both only like 7 or 8 steps. One of his favorite games right now is to put his blanket over his head and walk around. Well, he was in the walkway by both of the staircases and threw the blanket over his head. Before I could get to him to keep him from them, he went down. It was so awful. He started crying, I screamed... OMG. There was blood all over his mouth. Its hard to tell what is injured, but we know one of his upper teeth is wobbly. Caayn looked in there this morning and said it looks like he cut the inside of his upper lip all to hell. I've got an appt at 11:00 for the ped to see him. Hopefully everything will be okay. Poor fella. I feel so guilty for not being able to get there fast enough.

And one last thing. Mothers are the weirdest breed of people. As you'll have read, we are trying for baby #2... I frequently post on some baby boards on a website called BabyCenter. Seriously, women share things that you ordinarily wouldn't share with other folks. It cracks me up. And then once you have the baby, there are whole discussions about your child's poop. Is that weird or what? It's nice because you can get WAY more information about things than outside of the net, but its still weird. :D

I lied. I have one more thing. I am a TERRIBLE blogger! There are a couple of other blogs I read, and they post these teeny little things. Not me. Nope. I'm a wordy bastard! And the funny thing is, I'm normally pretty quiet. Well, with anyone who isn't my Caayn. I chat his ear off pretty much nonstop.

Thats it.


James said...

I chat his ear off pretty much nonstop.
... Now you don't have to worry about that... cause his ear is going to fall off... I swear... that thing is purple... not like a little bit... like Barney the purple dinosaur purple...

Momma_Phoenix said...

Definitely. You should have seen it last night. I wish I had taken a picture with my phone. It was great!

James said...

Atleast he dosn't wear glasses... they would end up crooked...

oh and tell him "s-h-i-p-p-m-e-n-t"