19 January 2007

The Wicker Man

NetFlix delivered The Wicker Man yesterday for our viewing pleasure... The remake, that is. I've seenthe original, but it was about 5 years ago and I was probably half asleep the whole time. It was good, but eh. I'm generally not a fan of remakes or sequels or whatnot. The movie made far more sense when it took place on an island off of Scotland, rather than an island who knows where outside of WA (seriously, any island off the coast of the United States will have been thoroughly investigated one time or another, compared to Scotland--who goes island hopping off the coast of Scotland?)

And the alternate ending was LAME. Caayn suggested it'd be funny if the alternate ending was that the guy actually died in the scene in the beginning... It turned out that the "extra" ending was that before they sacrificed him, they put bees on his head and broke his legs, and then sacrificied him. Seriously?

The best part though was the credits. The movie was dedicated to Johnny Ramone. SERIOUSLY? What was that? Did he play a part in the movie, or have anything to do with the original, maybe? No. It appears to just be randomly dedicated to him. *headdesk*

I feel like being a little indignant just for the sake of Paganism. Movies worldwide aren't very kind to Paganism, or they are demeaning. The Craft? Charmed? Oh well. Not all Pagans are uber feminists or run around vanquishing evil or sacrificing innocent folk. Ah well, its not like I'm going to do anything about it.

Just thought I'd share.

OH! One more thing. Some guy on the Colbert Report the other day made a joke that was downright hilarious. He said that geeks are better than nerds, because geeks get the job done. Seriously. I wanted to give the guy a high-five. He was one of the better interviewees on the show. (I critize the people he interviews on whether or not they can handle themselves against Stephen's barage... some of them get so flustered they don't know what to say, some take him too seriously, others joke, and then there are the folks who hold their own against him. I always cheer them on.)

Thats it.


Jodi said...

I normally email people back who leave comments on Jodifur, but I couldn't find your email.

Your comment really made me think. Maybe Michael is picking up on some unrest.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and love the blog!!