14 January 2007

Vampire Hunter D

So I'm basically using NetFlix to torture Caayn. I keep coming across movies I haven't seen in forever, and then sticking them in the queue without telling him. They email you saying they are shipping the movie, which I usually delete, and then by the time arrives 2 days later, I have totally forgotten what movie is showing up... Yesterday it was Vampire Hunter D. It's this old anime thing about, well, vampires. Go figure. Now, I haven't seen it in like 7 years maybe? I dunno, a long time. Caayn was dubious, to say the least.

Well, we got mostly to the end when it started to skip and then stopped working altogether. Tried cleaning it, and blowing out the little disc tray thing on the PS2.. no good. I reported it as dead on NetFlix, and we'll send it back on Monday. Caayn was ticked though. Something about how he had wasted all that time watching it and hadn't even got to see the end. Hehe!

Oh well. And for the record, the night before that I made him watch Benny and Joon... It's an old Johnny Depp movie with Aidan Quinn and Mary Stuart Masterson. It was like my favorite movie for a long time when I was little. Poor poor Caayn.

We also went downtown yesterday. I bought some stripey pajama pants. As if I don't have enough pajama pants that I don't wear. Seriously, when are girls supposed to wear these? I'm like morally opposed to wearing them in public, and I generally don't wear them around the house since I'm a klutz and am known for falling down the stairs... Oh well. I'll wear them on the weekends until I fall and then curse and throw them in a drawer and not wear them ever again. Heh.

One more thing. Jacks Big Music Show? Shame on them! That is like Sully's fave tv show besides Blues Clues, and the new season freakin' blows. They changed tiny things for what appears to be no reason. But I know. They've become PC. Instead of Jack and Mary yelling "Come in!" when someone rings the door bell, they now yell "Who is it?" even though the person still barges in... Small, but dumb. Seriously, it doesn't flow at all. And Prudence, the musical genie they released to be a yodeler? She's been on the show twice, and neither time has she yodeled. Are kids supposed to forget the last season? It's lame. AND the Schwartzmen quartet is no longer all doo wop, now they sound like the Beach Boys. I like the Beach Boys, but they were one of Sully's favorite singing groups on the show and now he grimaces when they are on. Silliness I tell you.

A couple came over on Friday to look at the kitten. They said they'd call on Saturday to get her... they never called. Anyway, enough rambling of nonsense..


James said...

... Just put the kitten in the snow... Her sister did just fine in the snow... for about 5.8 seconds...