12 January 2007

The Dr Says

Sully went to the dr. Remind me to use a stroller next time I take him somewhere by myself in the winter. I was carrying a huge blanket (to keep him warm walking from the car to the building), my jacket and scarf, his jacket, Robert the stuffed dog, my bag and his hand.

They weighed him. I think he weighs something like 12-13kg. No idea what that is in lbs. Then I had to carry him, his various items of clothing, said jackets, blanket bag and dog into the waiting room because apparently there weren't any rooms available. I don't understand drs. The room we were in was identical to the room we went in later, why could the doc just come in the first one!?

We ran all around the waiting area and up and down the halls while waiting. Finally the dr showed up. Sully has some hardcore brusing on the inside of his upper lip (I almost started crying it looked so awful), some cuts on his lips and one of his top teeth is pushed backwards. Its not loose, but the gums could be swollen. And the tooth -could- be impacted, we don't know.

What does this mean? Sully has to go to the dentist now. Oi. He's not on our dental insurance yet, so that means hunting down his SSN which is in some box that we haven't unpacked yet... Then once he is on there I can call someone. This freaking sucks. My poor little baby!