28 December 2007

Athena: The Conclusion

YESSSSS!!! The mass is gone! The x-ray showed a fair amount of stuff that needs to come out her back end, so there is a good chance it is in there. She has to be on a real bland diet since she hasn't been eating in awhile and her stomach was irritated from the throwing up. But she really liked the Hill's canned food, so thats good.

The total cost of 4 x-rays and the round of barium was $160. Not bad at all. I was really expecting to pay more. Unfortunately it had to go on a credit card because we have next to nothing in the bank. Christmas sapped the account, and pay day will probably happen tonight at midnight. I hope so, anyway. Otherwise we'll have to wait for the whole holiday thing to wrap up. It's going to be so nice when Caayn gets promoted (February 1st!!). He'll be getting about $400 extra dollars a month. We'll be using all of the extra money to pay off debt, which shouldn't take long.

Poor Athena though... she is now really upset about the vet's office. When I opened the back of the van and she realized we were at the vet again, she refused to get out of the crate and then had to be carried in. After the x-ray she sat underneath my chair and growled anytime someone walked into the office. I told Caayn that we're going to have to take her on a lot more car rides that lead to HAPPY things so she doesn't start refusing to go in the car.

Two weeks until we start obedience class!! I'm SO excited. I think this is going to be really good for her, to get out and socialize with other dogs and other breeders, not to mention more people.


Emma the Golden Girl said...

and her Mom said,
I found your blog through Patience-Please. We also have a whippet. I'm so glad Athena is home and doing well.

Momma Phoenix said...

Nice to meet you! :) We're glad she's home too!