03 December 2007

Itchy Scratchies

My head itches. Bad. My neck is all lumpy and lumpy. My ears are red and swollen.

What happened?!

Caayn dyed my hair last night and I'm allergic to a chemical in permanent hair dye. I got it done by a stylist last year and the result after sitting under a steamer for like 20 minutes was tons of itchy red spots on my ears--they looked like they were bubbling, yucky.... Sigh. This will go away in a few days, but in the mean time, pure torture. Seriously, it itches worse than chicken pox.

But now my hair is black and it will have been worth the days of itchy yuckiness! I also have to make an appointment to get my hair cut again, so that I can look all neat and purty for Caayn's ALS graduation. Assuming the babysitter lady can watch the kids, of course. I HATE the idea of Lochlan being away from me, but if he absolutely has to, at least it will be with someone I know and trust. If she can't, I'll have to miss the graduation. Which will suck. This will be the first time going out at night time, dressed up, with Caayn.

On a side note, why the heck does Netflix not have anything good on their Watch Instantly thing? There's a bunch of tv shows I'd love to watch but don't feel like adding to my queue and those hours of free time are going to waste... Argh.



Patience-please said...

Yikes! Take some benedryl, those are hives! Hope you get to go out and have some fun.