27 December 2007

A Little Ketchup

We had such an awesome holiday. Sully wasn't too cranky, Lochlan slept most of the time, the turkey was pretty dry (dang it) but still good... Caayn and Jimmy spent lots of time shooting each other with nerf guns. And Halo-ing. I played too, but I'm so bad... It's a shame really, because I LOVE video games. I'm just really bad at them. My brain absolutely cannot wrap itself around the concept of controlling the direction stick with the camera stick at the same time. However, I find watching just as fun so its not that much of a loss.

Athena managed to get into a lot of stuff... she has to go to the vet today and see what is stuck in her craw. Hehe. I'm really hoping its something that can be fixed by making her vomit... I don't want to think about her needing any kind of surgery. On the phone the vet said it is possible that she has made whatever it is swell up from drinking and eating... At this point I am assuming it is either a nerf dart or a packing peanut. Oi. My poor girl.

Jimmy got me one of those Nike+ iPod sport kit thingies for Xmas. It's super spiffy. I'm going to buy new running shoes so I can use it. It has a little sensor that goes in your shoe and a little thing that plugs into the iPod and it records all sorts of stuff. How far you ran, how fast, how long, what songs you listened to, which songs made you run faster... I'm so excited to use it. Yesterday when I went to the gym I actually ran, in anticipation of needing to run when I use that. I only ran for 2 minutes, but hey, thats better than 0 minutes. :P I'm so out of shape its not even funny. The 2 minutes of running made my heart rate jump into the 180s. I had to stop because it makes my chest hurt. I'm pretty sure I was in better shape back when I smoked. (Hehe, I was also walking at least 10 miles a day too because I walked to work...) I didn't do much walking once I got out here though. The weather here is always too hot or too cold.

I had my last appointment with Gloria yesterday. It's a bummer that Tricare won't let me use her as my GYN. I'm supposed to return to the base hospital for all medical care. Which sucks because my PCM is always changing, so I never see the same dr. I kind of get the feeling that she was a little sad too. She's such a great lady. On a happy note, I weighed in at 143... which is down 4lbs from when I went to the dr on the 7th for the allergic reaction. Yay!

Caayn in so close to having his blood elf be level 70 on World of Warcraft. It's crazy. It almost took a year. We started playing back in April. My highest leveled character is 47... I stopped playing in August. I just got tired of grinding. None of the quests were very fun, although supposedly they fixed a lot of the stuff. Sometimes watching Caayn play makes me want to renew my account. I had so much fun playing WoW. Not sure I'd ever find time though. The kids and dogs keep me pretty busy these days. I haven't read any new blog entries in weeks.

I'm gonna stop here... I've got to go get ready to take Little Miss to the vet. Please, please, please, let this not be something requiring surgery. Please!


Patience-please said...

Hope it was nothing but good news at the vet... will be waiting to hear.


Momma Phoenix said...

The news is neutral currently... It's not good or bad, we're just waiting to see what happens. I'm hoping for a happy ending to this day though!!