24 December 2007

Christmas Time

I'm so excited for Christmas to get here. Usually we do the present thing on the Solstice, as a sort of Yule thing. We're still trying to figure out what our family will do as our own tradition. Neither of us are Christian, and both of us have some Pagan background. So celebrating Christmas itself is kind of strange. I don't think I have in 7 or 8 years? Not sure exactly, but it has been a long time.

But this year is different! Jimmy's mom was in need of a safe home for his presents to go to, so he wouldn't open them the second he got them... and that just transformed into Christmas day at our house! Caayn and I, for once, haven't spoiled our present surprise. Normally he and I are BAD. Almost as soon as they are wrapped, we give them to each other. And half the time we knew what was in them already! This year he has NO idea what I got him. I can't wait to see if he likes it. Unfortunately it was part two of a two part gift, and the first part isn't coming... :( The company didn't have any in stock until January. That was the big part, the pièce de résistance... So I hope the effect is still okay.

Sully's getting a big art table, a soccer ball, a little magnet fishing set for the bath tub, some special bath crayons (I've been wanting to get him those FOREVER!!)... maybe some other stuff, but I already forgot what else. Lochlan's getting a little tummy time play mat and a rattley thing... He was supposed to also get this UBER cute dinosaur that plays a lullaby, but I alerady gave it to him. It's so darn cute and soft.

I'd say what we got Jimmy, but he might read this in between now and tomorrow and I would hate to spoil that surprise.w... I forgot all about making a dinner thing (I can't recall anyone in my family really "doing" a Christmas dinner so it's easy for me to forget). Shame on me.

If I ever get my butt in gear, we might have a turkey tomorro

Last night, before we started wrapping gifts last night, we took a few minutes to get some photos of Athena stacked. Which is to say, standing as she would for a judge in a show ring. Just from looking at the pictures, I can see that I'm going to need to learn how to bait properly. Some of the pictures show me having her head stretched out, others have her looking up. None of them have her head in the right position, and none of them show the lovely lines of her neck. I'm not even 100% sure her feet are in the correct positions, but they look right from what I can tell. I wish I could find a handling class to take before February... I'm so new to all of this, I feel like I'm going to make a big fool out of myself! (I probably will, Athena isn't the greatest on the leash, though she is absolutely perfect on the leash inside the house.) Oh well, if I do look foolish, its not the end of the world. You gotta start somewhere! And I'll be so excited to be there that I don't think anything will bother me!

Anyway... I need to quit lolligagging around and get moving. I need to get the house cleaned up, laundry done, Achilles bathed, Artemis brushed... yuck.


Patience-please said...

Have a fun gifting! You have Athena stacked perfectly - that first picture is amazing. She's really very nice. Too bad about no handling class - there must be dog shows on you tube????

all the best-

Momma Phoenix said...

I'm glad to hear it! I didn't "do" it right though. I read something about how you aren't supposed to touch below the elbow or hock joints to position the feet... Not sure if there is truth to that.

I'll check out youtube. Surely someone has dog shows or even showing how to handle or stack. :)