05 December 2007

More Itchy Scratchy

Caayn thinks I should go to the dr now... the rash has spread to the front of my neck and back onto my shoulder blades. Plus I have tons of random bumps everywhere else. My head feels like it weighs 10lbs, with how swollen all my skin is. It's really super gross. And I have one spot near my right ear where it looks like I have that flesh eating bacteria. THAT is gross.

The benadryl that Patience suggested is helping with the itching, luckily. Now I just need something for the pain. (Umm... I itched until everything got sore, lol.) YUCK!! At least my hair looks good. I am seriously never buying this brand of hair color again. It was that Sunsilk or whatever...

I'm currently running on about two hours of sleep. Lochlan was up, hungry or bored or wanting to cuddle most of the night. Then when I got him settled, Sully woke up wanting me to read Mister Dog to him. He got tucked in and cuddled and then Lochlan started crying again. Oi. Caayn's alarm didn't go off... Again, more luck. I seem to have some sort of internal alarm clock that goes off if Caayn's doesn't, so he was up at 6:45.. about 30 minutes later, Sully was awake again, shrieking at the top of his lungs about how he wanted water. Which he has in a sippy cup in his bed, by his pillow, every night. The whole hour of 7am was spent going from bed to his room, convincing him to go back to sleep. (He's been a nightmare lately from not enough sleep.) And by the time he was asleep and Lochlan was asleep, I was wide awake. Sigh.

It's currently -8 degrees outside, without wind chill. That's ridiculously cold. Means lots of hot cocoa and cuddling with Sully, Lochlan and the hounds under the super soft fleecey blanket.


Leigh said...

Mmmmmm, hot cocoa!
Hugs to you, mama.