27 December 2007

Athena Stays With The Vet

Athena is such a good girl. She crates so well in the car, nary a peep, as long as she has two soft blankets in there. She, however, does NOT like the vets office. When she realizes we're in the parking lot, she starts shivering with nervousness. She weighed in at 26lbs. Vet came in and took a peek at her. Did some palpations of the stomach, looked in her mouth... determined x-rays was the way to go.

X-rays didn't show much. Her stomach has a lot of air in it (I noticed while we were waiting in the exam room that she was gulping... not sure if that had anything to do with it, but it was really sad to see)... But the vet said that didn't really mean anything. "The next question is, do packing peanuts even show up on film?" was her exact phrase. I said that Caayn had asked me the same thing, lol. The decision was made to try her on some barium. We're hoping that it will help her pass anything possibly in her stomach. (The idea is that if there ends up being nothing at all, that maybe the peanut bits that she did throw up caused her to have an irritated gut...) So I had to leave her there... I HATE that so much. It makes me horribly nervous. Makes me think of the absolutely awful two weeks when first Maya was in the hospital with Parvo, then she died, and then Achilles caught it and was there for a straight week... I nearly lost him too. I don't like leaving her there. Anyway, I was getting off track. Barium, and then in an hour or so she'll get another x-ray to see if we can see any change. Then we see where we go from there.

Poor girl. I've got a few more minutes home before I head back downtown to the vet's office. I have to stop at the store first though. Ugh. Seriously, she is going to be so smothered with love when she gets home. I'll update further when I know more.