28 November 2007

Too Much!

Whew, apparently one cat, two children, and three dogs is my absolute limit. I can hardly find enough free time to check out new blog entries, much less post my own. Things are going good though. Surprisingly! Athena is adjusting to our household, although we are having some issues on the potty training bit. She has never had free roam of a house before and I think it has thrown her for a loop. We were told to expect some problems with it, and we've had some. It doesn't help that the weather has been in the single digits with below zero wind chills. No dog wants to go outside in that. I think I have to toughen myself up a bit and make her stay outside until she does her business, rather than feel bad and let her in after thirty seconds. (She does whine and let you know she needs to go, she just doesn't act like she has to go once she is out there.) Aside from the potty issue, the only other thing is that I think she really misses her big pack. Her breeder has quite a few dogs around, not to mention three of Athena's litter mates, and here we have Achilles who doesn't like to cuddle dogs and Artemis who sleeps in her crate. Athena will trot around whining, obviously looking for something, and I think that its her dog family. Poor thing. She'll get used to it though. And hopefully Achilles will learn to snuggle!

Lochlan is doing good. We had his two week well baby appointment yesterday, which I went to by myself with Lochlan AND Sully... (Caayn has gone to every single one of Sully's appointments, so this was a first for me.) The weather was bad, 2 degrees, and at least -15 with wind chill. Getting Lochlan in the Moby (which I had totally put on wrong, lol) and then Sully into the stroller, plus the diaper bag, was an adventure. I've never even gone somewhere with Sully by myself! Luckily, it all went well. Lochlan weighed in at 8lbs 6 oz. He checked out of the hospital at 7lbs 9oz, so he has gained. He was supposedly 20", but I thought he was 20 1/2 at birth... so... yeah. The percentiles are my favorite--90% for height and 50% for weight. Which means I again have a boy who is long and skinny. Yay!

Oh and apparently Lochlan had something wrong with his boys, that no one cared to inform me of. Something called a bilateral something or other. Basically we just have to keep an eye on them and make sure the swelling is always going down and not back up, and make sure he doesn't get any sort of bumps in his groin.

I also made the decision that we will just be having Athena spayed. Sully and Lochlan are too young for me to get involved in something as active as the dog stuff can be. Since we live in North Dakota, all events will be out of state (Bismarck only just had their very first dog show in August). Which means traveling away from the family. We also don't have loads of money to spare for said events and travel. I'm young, there is still lots of time for me to get involved with that once they are older.


Patience-please said...

Oh I'm so far behind! Athena is gorgeous!Just gorgeous! Her mannerisms remind me of my sweet Maria.
I've got to tell you that when the temp dips below THIRTY here, there are some certain whippets in my house that 'create' indoor facilities. Do you have a coat for her? Don't waste your time with regular dog coats; they don't fit and they don't work. My favorite (and all that my guys wear) is . I have some coats from her that are 12 years old, and you can't tell them from the new ones!
Anyway, a coat will help with the pottying.
OK, comment is WAY too long. Glad you are doing ok! congrats on Athena and your family1

Momma Phoenix said...

After reading the big post about Maria, I agree-they sound similar!

Yep, Carol gave us a coat she had made. It has a chest piece that goes under and buckles over her back. I'll be buying some jammies soon too. :D I'll check out that site, I hadn't come across it in my hunt for sighthound stores.

Thank you! :D

Leigh said...

Oh how I understand how overwhelming the two are in the beginning. I had many moments like yours. But, it does get easier, I promise. And soon you'll be popping L in and out of that Moby like it's nobody's business!
xoxo to you and your sweet lil' family.