23 August 2007

Catch Up!

So much to write about!

Monday was a super fun day. Caayn's squadron had a picnic, except it was drizzly so it was held inside some sort of structure. Nothing says picnic like concrete floors, warehouse like buildings, and military missiley type equipment. :D But they did have a bouncy castle. Sully was utterly in heaven. He bounced the whole time we were there. After an hour he started saying he was going to space, which was totally cute.

Later that afternoon was dog swimming at the base pool. It's closed for the season now, so they opened it for a few hours on Monday for dogs to swim. OMG. That was fun. Achilles didn't really know what to think of the water. He did, however, spend a good deal of time outracing all the other dogs around the pool. The downside was that he tore pads on 3 of his feet and was in very bad pain. Sigh. I do have pictures, will upload later...

Vet said that there is nothing I can do to prevent these sort of tears (he ends up sloughing off the callus part of his pads) and that there isn't anything I can do to toughen up his pads. YUCK. She said I could try booties... but I think, being a greyhound, that the booties would mess with his running chi. So I don't know. We might try old Sully socks first, see if that makes any difference. I also got some pain meds to have on hand in case this happens again. Monday night and all of Tuesday he was in so much pain that he only went out to do his business twice and spent the rest of his time on our bed. (He also ate his dinner upstairs, lol, but that was me sparing him the pain of having to go up and down the stairs again.) Poor guy. I felt so guilty... It's not like he could make the connection of why his feet were hurting so badly.

Caayn has tomorrow off... UTE Day, which is a family day they get once a month. :) I also have an appt with my midwife tomorrow. PLUS my GD test. Yipee! Syrupy, sickly sweet, fruit punch
here I come! Oh, and blood drawing... Luckily my midwife rocks. I've only had blood drawn once so far, unlike pregnancy with an OB, where I had blood drawn at nearly every appt.

My belly is getting huge. It's nearly 10 inches bigger around than it was pre-pregnancy, lol. Sometimes I feel ready to pop. Yesterday, even the vet saw Mr. L kicking my belly through my shirt... He never really lets up, but I don't mind. He's always VERY down low. I feel his hands just barely above my pubic bone. Unfortunately I've also lost my appetite. I think its from my belly being stretched so big and being full of baby. It's hard to make myself eat enough. Then again, even when I'm not pregnant I go through phases of not wanting to eat, so I dunno.

Here's me at 26 weeks....

Although I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow.

Hands are starting to get a bit swollen-they feel really thick and stiff. Oh, here's a funny thing many people don't realize. Pregnant women get bigger thighs. Not in the super fat way or anything, but in a different way. I'm not sure I have the right words to explain what I mean. But they are bigger and more powerful like. To me, those thighs mean birthing. I had them with Sully too, and its just a really nifty thing about pregnancy. I'm not sure if they look the same to people outside of the pregnancy, it might just be something the mom sees herself... I'll have to ask Caayn if he sees what I see.

Before I forget... I had a really funny dream the other day. I don't remember too much of it anymore, but it involved me having Aslan (not sure that is spelled right) from Chronicles of Narnia as a pet... and that I had given birth to some puppies and kittens (the kittens were weird looking--bright orange with thick brown stripes, lol)... And before all this I had a dream that I was copiously leaking milk everywhere and that I didn't have any breast pads. (Ya know, its strange--I seem to not wear clothes in a lot of my dreams, even if everyone else is clothed. I'm not embarrassed and no one ever says anything. It's weird!) So apparently the pregnancy is finally catching up to me in dreamland. My dreams are always so slow to catch up to reality!

One last thing. We bought Sully some big boy underwear. Those boxer brief kind? OMG--he looks so darn cute! He was running around in a white shirt, navy blue undies and black socks. He looked like a miniature old man. I loved it! Now, to figure out how to get him to sit on the potty BEFORE he goes, rather than after, lol. We're taking this really slow because I'm not sure how ready he is. He knows when he has to go, likes a clean diaper now, but I've yet to get him to take his pants off by himself. Plus he is drinking like a full cup of water throughout the night (he takes after me, I'm always super thirsty at night). So I dunno. We'll get there when we get there. Having two in diapers is hardly a fear for me, big kid diapers are way easier to deal with then wee tiny ones. Especially taking things like umbilical cords and frequent clothing changes that go along with diaper explosions... :D I'm excited about this baby. Although, I do wonder if I'll go insane. Two kids and a mom stuck in a house with no where to go, nothing to do more days than not. Yikes!


Leigh said...

You and your growing belly are so gorgeous!
And yes, those powerful birthing thighs will do you well in your pregnancy and birth journey. Strong roots grounded into the earth...