06 August 2007

Leading to Bob and Tom

When I was younger, I lived pretty far from my high school. Technically, I should have gone to a different one, considering I lived about 5 blocks from one. But that was the scary school. All the tough gangsters went there, and I always heard rumors that there were only like 10 white kids there and that they were just as scary as the gangsters. Not to mention my step-mom worked at that one...

So, all that aside, I went to the other high school. All my friends were there, mostly because I had lived with my grandma for years and had attended school in that part of the district. My mom drove me to school every morning. I have to admit, my mom is down with rock music, although she has a wide range of taste in music and will give anything a try. We listened to all my punk cds (and she totally sang along to things like Bad Religion and Screeching Weasel, haha). She never cared.

Needless to say, my preferred station was The Rock 107.3. They played Bob and Tom in the morning. I used to HATE that. In the morning, I wanted to wake up. No, scratch that. I needed to wake up; I had a lot of bad habits back then. I went to bed around 4am... so we'd always stop at 7-11 so I could get a big coffee and a pack of some sort of pills (I no longer remember what they were, but I know a teenager shouldn't have been taking them) to help me be awake for class. So then we'd listen to Bob and Tom. Geez. It was awful. They would be so slow and boring. I never understood how my mom could listen to that.

Flash forward to the North Dakota era of my life. The first time I heard Bob and Tom, I about peed my pants. I know this is going to sound totally lame, but I totally thought Bob and Tom was a local thing, lol. Never once realized they were a national program. And now I like them. I'm sure it's partially a nostalgia thing, but it's also the fact that I am past the stage in my life where I need music all the time. I like me some silence. But if I am up early enough, I do like to listen to them. They crack me up. Back when I could wake up with Caayn in the morning and not die by midday (aka pre-pregnancy), I'd listen to them while playing WoW. Good stuffs.

So yeah. All that leading to the silly little story about Bob and Tom. Caayn hates hearing them in the morning. He says it sounds like: brrbrrbrrbrr, HAHAHAHAHAA!! which cracks me up.

On a side note: any time his work wants to stop the 12 hour shifts, FINE WITH ME! I think all 3 of us are slowly going crazy. Sully misses his daddy. I miss my best friend. Caayn misses us. I can't take Sully out in the heat because I die before we get to the park, and sitting on the cement outside is dangerous because it hurts so bad and takes me like 5 minutes to stand up so if Sully bolted into the street.... and lastly, Caayn and I miss sex. By the time we go to bed, too tired to do anything. Especially not since the whole... pregnancy related issues... lol. I think the worst part is, even if they stop the shifts on like Wednesday, he still has to work the rest of the week. UGH! Nothing like 2 solid weeks of work with no break.

slowly... goes... crazy...

The funny IM from Jimmy? Macros. His cats. Apparently there are strange phrases macro'd onto his computer that he didn't even know he had, and his cats pushed them. Discovered a second IM exactly like that one yesterday afternoon, LOL. Very very funny.

Also funny. My greyhound can run in the world's smallest circles on our bed. It is the world's most hilarious thing. He gets all wound up and starts to just run in place. The bed literally scoots across the floor. I laugh so hard I cry, my eyes can't open, it's hard to even breathe so that I can keep laughing. So darn hilarious. I need to get that videotaped, because yeah... that is definitely share-worthy.


Lindsey said...

You play WoW...oh does Edgar. He is addicted!! :-)

I LOVE greyhounds. They are such awesome dogs, but I hear they are a lot of work. I babysat a couple of greyhounds who both had health issues. The again, I have a poodle with chronic dry eye and she needs eye drops everyday for the rest of her life. I guess we just deal with it because we love them! :-) Was yours a rescue dog?