14 August 2007

Take a Break

Finally some nice weather! Temps are in the 70s this week, supposedly, which is just fine by me. Back home, year round temps are between 50-70ish, with our higher months seeming to land in September/October. Silly, huh?

We've been trying to take advantage of it by being outside more. Yesterday we took Sully to the big park down the road. He had his first experience with a seesaw (growing up, I always called it a teeter-totter, Caayn gave me a funny look for saying that, lol) and he LOVED it. Well, with a little less enthusiam. It was more like, "Sully, are you having fun?" "Yes." Hahaha.

Pregnancy is chugging along. Getting more excited as we go. Less than 3 months now! The baby still has no place to sleep, or well, anything really. We're going to have to hit up the Airman's Attic to see what they have, since we're on a fairly tight budget right now. And we're now considering a bunk bed set up for Sully (we'd take the ladder off, obviously), since by the time this kiddo is ready for a big bed, Sully would be plenty big enough for the top bunk.

Caayn should be finding out if he made staff today. Or tomorrow. Keep your appendages crossed! This would be a good thing, $400 raise aside. I'm really excited about this, lol.

Minor nonsense: So I hate our cable company. They are the only provider in the area, and they are always raising their prices. (Literally. I think there is a price increase at least every 3 months.) We're now paying $57 for digital cable, in which the vast majority of 'extra' channels are repeats of one available through basic cable (and if you go to the digital cable channel for a repeat station, they won't let you view it, you have to use the basic cable channel). One of the perks was the NFL channel. Last year, they refused to show NFL games on the NFL channel, because of the price (something about NFL Network raising prices, I think). LAME. This year? They decided they would remove the NFL channel and require you to pay extra money to have it. WTF? So now the only reason we're paying like $20 extra bucks for the digital cable is so that Sully can have Noggin. Which he hardly ever sees anymore. (But honestly, Noggin is MUCH better than Nick Jr or Disney Playhouse, in regards to commercials, shows, etc.) Man, I can't WAIT to move somewhere else... better cable company! At this point, I'm thinking about looking into Dish Network, even though I despise satellite tv.


Leigh said...

Oh boy, teeter-totters ROCK! I still love those things. :)

Momma_Phoenix said...

The "new and improved" ones are so funny--its nearly impossible to get an end all the way to the ground. It was very similar to bounce on a big rubber ball.

Still fun though! :D

Em-A-Roo said...

Noggin is pretty much the best channel EVAR. Though, Nick Jr has Yo Gabba Gabba! coming out, which I hope is as awesome as it seems.

Do you have Comcast?