05 August 2007


Finally, pictures! I'm such a rotten procrastinator. I put off doing just about everything!

So I have pictures of my lovely new ring:

Sully just got some crayons to stand upright on the table, and really wanted me to take a picture of them, so here's a pic of that:

I also have a picture of him kissing Caayn's picture on the computer. Sometimes he'll ask me to see pictures of him, because he is missing on him, and then he'll always ask me if he can kiss it. Poor kiddo, I am just glad that Caayn has yet to be deployed. I think that would just about break the poor kids heart. Anyway, Sully:

And then a picture of the catapiller we got the other day (yes, I know I can't spell that word... I also pronounce kindegarten wrong as well as spell it wrong... those two words are linked in my head for some reason):

Also... I woke up this morning and saw this on my computer:

HEHEHE! Thanks Jimmy for the laugh. :D I'm curious as to what caused him to say ow. A cat fall on his head? I dunno. I'll have to hope I catch him on tonight and ask. Looks like he had a great time last night though! He needs it, he's been working the same 12 hour shifts as Caayn. No one should have to work for that long. YUCK. (By the way, Jimmy needs to update his blog... It's been like... 2 months? :D)


marybeth said...

that ring is to die for!!! and so is your son's hair:-)

many blesisings on this final stage of your pregnancy!


Momma_Phoenix said...

:D Thank you!! I hope this baby has curls too... they are just the best.

And thank you again. :) I can't believe it is going to be hardly any time at all before I meet this little guy.