03 August 2007

Daddy Days of Summer

Boy, Caayn working 12 hour shifts with no break is tough. Sully doesn't understand it at all. Every day around 10:40am he says, "Daddy home?" because normally Caayn comes home for lunch around 11. I have to keep saying that no, he in fact is not going to be home soon. (He's working 6am to 6pm, by the way.) With each passing day, it gets a little more difficult. Today when he woke up, he asked me for Daddy right away. Then asked if Daddy would be home soon. Then if we could go get Daddy from work. Then could we call Daddy at work (which we did, but no one answered the phone in the office and his phone is off, so we left him a message--it was sad: "Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Wake up Daddy! Daddy not there...")... and then, as a last resort, "See picture of Daddy?"

Can you tell Daddy is his most favorite person in all the world?

I'm okay, if I'm the only thing he has to work with... but the second his Daddy walks in the door, I'm no more interesting than a speck on the wall, and will in fact get shunned if I speak to him, lol.

I think tomorrow will be really bad. There may be Daddy meltdowns. I suspect Sully knows which days are the weekends, because he always wakes up earlier than usual.

Don't kill me or anything... but he wakes up at 9am on the weekends... and 10:30 on week days. Yeah. And he goes to bed at 8pm. Well... relatively speaking. We place him in his crib at 8, and some days he takes books and notebooks and crayons in with him and will lay awake reading or coloring. Lol. But still. I have a good sleeper. He's been like this since he was like 4 months old?

I'm thinking that I can't be this lucky twice. I bet this baby doesn't sleep for ages, lol.

Yesterday I saw something I have never seen before, in real life. A big fat green catapiller. Sully first called it a snake. But then quickly realized it wasn't, and has since been talking about his "cattypitter" which is the cutest thing ever. I took pictures, so I'll have to post some. I was gonna keep it so Sully could see the whole metamorphesis thing, but he may be too young... so we released it back into the outdoors. I wonder what type of butterfly it would have made.

After dinner the other night, we stopped in at Waldens for a new book. I go crazy without something to read, and I have literally read all my books 10+ times, if they are good. I've got a few that were so bad I only read them once... but still. So I stared at their selection... I'm totally stuck on a select bunch of authors. And I didn't see anything by them that was interesting or that I didn't already own. So I picked up Speaker for the Dead, by Orson Scott Card. Got home. I already have it. I'm missing the one after that. BOO! So I still have nothing to read. Might reread It...

Oh. And when I checked my email this morning, I definitely had a new flickr friend. A teacher lady who "has a wild sexual streak". Apparently she had her last account frozen. Hmm, I wonder why. Yeah. So THAT was a shocker.

And on a completely unrelated note... I swear I'll make my next appt soon... I just have to wait until this dumb generation thing is over. I mean, technically I could just take Caayn to work... but he has yet to miss any of my prenatal appts and I don't mean for him to start now... plus 5:30am is far too early to drag Sully out of bed, just so we could have the van. Oh, and then he'd have to come with me to my appt and be attended only by me. So we're waiting. Supposedly I have to wait until after the 10th. Which sucks. I'm pretty sure I was due for it this week. I don't like missing things. And I also need to make a car appt. Our right turn signal keeps signaling that we are actually turning left. Not a good thing. (Although, to be honest, it must not matter. I don't think people know how to work turn signals anymore...) And Caayn figured out that when it decides it is going to signal the wrong way, that half the dashboard lights kind of die. Hmm. That sounds really not good. Poor van. It also sounds expensive, lol. Plus, we're also due for an oil change. And probably a brake check, but eh... I hate not living near my family--they can always check that stuff for me and save me some money if its not needed.

Okay. enough rambling. I'll be back later with pictures. :)