02 August 2007

Let it go!

Dinner was absolutely fabulous. I love Mexican food! I got some kind of mango margarita (I forget if it was banana or orange), no alcohol, o' course. It was much better than the raspberry, but I think thats because there was more melt/syrup at the bottom. The icy part still tasted like bathroom stall. I'm beginning to wonder if I should try another restaurant's NA margaritas, just to see if those are any better.

Okay, for anyone who isn't interested in hearing about a pregnant woman's sex life, stop reading. Or if you are family.

Stop reading here. Seriously.


So I'm officially at the stage of pregnancy where sex is difficult. Not the positioning so much as the getting to the end. This happened last pregnancy too. I think the belly is just too big, lol. It makes me think of the saying, it's not the size of the boat it's the motion in the ocean? (Or however it goes.) Well, the belly definitely messes with the ocean! Can you imagine having sex with a beach ball in between the two of you? Difficult. And this is the last time I'm going to mention this, lol!! I will still be bothered by it, but needless to say, it's a little awkward to talk about, haha.

Pfft. I know you all read that anyway... but if you DIDN'T, you can start reading again!

I think I want to look into doing a doula thing. Throughout the last three years of my life, I have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge on pregnancy and birthing. It's something I really am fascinated by and I enjoy hearing/reading/seeing. How often do you get to see someone's actively become a goddess? They are literally creating life within themselves. Very awesome. Last pregnancy I thought it would be really really awesome to be a midwife. But my guess is that involves a LOT of school work and stuff like that, since it's a medical field. And with this pregnancy, I realized the role of the doula is really actually important too. (Last time I never really looked into it, kind of thought ugh why would you need someone when you have your _____?) It would be really awesome to be able to utilize all the bits of info that I have, and to be able to share and help women through this phase of their lives. So yeah... it's something I've got boinking around in the back of my brain to look into at some point.

And not that this is very interesting, considering the amount of times I've written about it, but Sully is, again, not pooping. Goodness. We're on day #5 now. Miralax isn't really doing much other than to give him the urge... but he actively fights it and holds it in. Drives me bonkers because I don't know what to do. He stands around screaming at the top of his lungs, shaking, his hair getting all sweaty on his forehead... but he refuses to go. I mean, seriously, if you had to go that bad, wouldn't you just do it? I try and tell him that, but hey, he's two. He thinks I don't know what I'm talking about. Poor guy.

I dreamed about my baby last night. He didn't look at all like Caayn and I have been imagining (we found out that we both have the same picture... dark hair, blue eyes--which is odd since Caayn's family all have dark brown eyes, although I have family with blue, small and petite)... he was a long baby, with sandy blonde hair, stonewashed blue eyes... And then I dreamed that the dr said something was wrong with my uterus, that I had some kind of infection possibly, and would need to take these bright red pills. Huh. Well then!

OOOH! I won an auction off ebay the other day, my first time ever really looking around and bidding on something... It's a super cute rainbow moonstone ring. I love it. My aunt has lots of rings and jewelery with large gemstones (she actually had a really nifty metaphysical store for awhile, and I think is now just selling her jewelery at bazaars and stuff like that) and she had a huge moonstone ring which I just loved. So now I've got one too! I've got to find something for my other hand now, lol.


Phoenix said...

Yeah, it might be the restaurant if the margaritas are bad. Even a non-alcoholic one should be tasty.

Have you seen the movie Knocked up? There was a sex scene in there that cracked my ass up. not having kids, I have no first hand experience. But I feel for you.

Leigh said...

Thanks for the update - LOL at your sex woes. I totally understand!
So sweet about your baby visiting you in your dreams. They are wise little beings!
Ohhh, awesome to hear you are considering being a doula. It is the most amazing "job" ever. You are right - witnessing women being in their goddess state, bringing life into the world, is awe-inspiring. It never gets old.
I'd love to see a pic of the ring - sounds lovely!

Momma_Phoenix said...

I haven't seen Knocked Up... but I've heard its hilarious and that we should see it.

I'll have to take a pic of the ring, if Sully will give it up, lol.

Anonymous said...

wait, are you saying you fall asleep before the end?

Momma_Phoenix said...

LOL! Uh, no. It's more of a problem of getting to the end, if you catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

...also known as finishing, ha.

i suppose there means to that end on your 'own'.

good luck. good blog.