01 August 2007

The One About Nothing

We made it to the ceremony yesterday! I was very happy about that, despite the 102 degree temperatures outside or the fact that Sully didn't nap beforehand. It was a little rough at the beginning, Sully was yelling, "Chair!" during the national anthem because everyone was standing and he wanted Caayn to be sitting down. He did manage to crack most of the folks up though. When someone would be named to receive their new stripes, the crowd would applaud, and then members of their squadron would yell out some funny thing. Well, Sully has to yell if other people are... so they would do their thing, and then he would throw his arms up and yell something too. People laughed. Silly kid.

I like attending functions. Not sure why, since I'm generally an anti-social person and I don't really like making small talk... I think maybe its because I like to watch people. They're funny. Plus, I recognized a whole ton of the people there from when I worked at the gym (I doubt any of them remembered me, lol).

Today is our anniversary! This day, 4 years ago, at 7:30pmish CA time, we and my dearest family members huddled in the cave overlooking Pirates' Cove near Port San Luis and said some things. It was a very great day. Caayn also got a memorable big surprise that day, haha! Even though he wasn't supposed to get a lunch today because they are doing a generation (which I still don't know what that means, other than 12 hour days and no lunch breaks to come home), he totally surprised me and Sully by showing up with some roses and lilies. It was exciting!

Oh, and yesterday? I baked a yellow cake. With chocolate frosting. YUM.

sorry for such boring posts lately. I'm desperately trying not to blog about pregnancy related things, because I'm sure its not very interesting to most. But its a very all-encompassing thing for me. Plus, I don't really do much around here.

Sully got a super cool jacket from Delaware yesterday. I can't wait for it to be cold so he can wear it! He also got The Poky Little Puppy and another book. He's been talking about it all day, and it comes out really cute. And we are actually thinking about giving him a hair cut. He has really long hair that curls wildly about his head. I LOOOOOVE it. But Caayn is getting really tired of every single person calling him a girl. (Which I have to say is totally dumb, because his face looks like a little boy and we definitely dress him in little boy clothes.) And I hate that excuse anyway, since most little boys I see these days have just as long of hair as girls, even on teenagers. You don't see adults walking up to a 17 yr old boy with shoulder length hair and saying, "Excuse me, miss?" So yeah... we're considering it. I don't want to, mostly because I worry that those curls won't come back. They didn't come back on me until I was like 13, and I blame that on both puberty and the ocean air, since my hair has yet to show even a hint of a wave out here, and neither of which Sully has. Boo. I bet he'd be pretty cute though with a little boy cut.


Leigh said...

Oh, please blog about your pregnancy! I, for one, love pregnancy updates and enjoy following fellow bloggers all the way through their journey. :)
Plus, it's a jounral you'll get to keep for your baby.