28 August 2007

Wiggy Pills

Whew... these pills are making me all wonky. The first night I took one, it was only a half pill. It gave me a really bad stomach ache. The next day I was a little out of sorts, a wee bit nauseas and a wee bit dizzy. I took a super long nap.

Last night was my first time taking a full pill. I didn't feel too bad, which was good. But when I woke up at 2am to go pee (hey, gotta love waking up several times a night to pee, even if you didn't drink anything for hours before bed), I was definitely very very dizzy and very tired. yeah, I had just woke up, but still. I'm still kind of dizzy feeling. It's like a mix between being really sick, being mildly drunk and smoking a bowl. (Not that I know what that is like... :D) It's like being very close to the surface of your body, or being slightly out of body, or being aware that your body is something you are wearing. I can't wait until naptime so I can lay down.

Caayn is going to housing to ask for a fence. Maybe then Achilles can be outside. I'm afraid to leave him out there for extended periods of time. He now totally freaks out whenever that puppy is out in its backyard. He just barks and barks, and his hackles are all raised... I hope to all things divine that it never gets out (or the adult pit, because I've been watching it "play" with the other dogs, and THAT would be my worst nightmare)... I think if it did, Achilles would initiate the fight. He was hurt and he remembers who did it. Still debating on what we should do. The woman and her husband obviously aren't worried, which they should be. Caayn's hand is doing better. It doesn't look real bad because it is puncture wounds, but it does hurt him.

We bought Sully a bunkbed. It's super cool! The ladder is detachable and the bottom bunk is a full, so he'll have lots of room. We keep telling him he is going to have his own big bed, but I don't think he really understands. And for that matter, the whole time we were choosing a bed, I kept thinking of those parents. The ones who let their child pick things out so that the kid feels involved in the process. We didn't do that. We looked at our choices, and picked the one that we thought would do the best job. Are we "bad" parents for doing that? I don't remember ever being given the choice on things like that. Heck, we didn't even let him choose which big boy underwear he was getting. Not that he would have known who some guy named Superman was anyway. Whatever. The bed gets here on Friday. Now we're trying to decide if we want to set the whole bunkbed up or just use the bottom half for now (they are detachable and can be seperate beds if you want to use them that way). Without the top bunk, Sully would be able to jump on his very own bed... I love when he jumps on things. He gets so giggly and excited. I don't know why more parents don't allow it.

Anyway, all this white space and letters is getting to my eyes and making me more wiggy... so I am going to stop here. But I just needed to post... I have hardly even been keeping up on my blog list and think I've only left one or two comments since last week. Oops.


daisy said...

I think he is a bit young to know what choices are and what they really mean. Especially when it comes to something like a bed that will need to get him thru a few years.

Momma_Phoenix said...

That's what I am thinking. Not to mention there is always the issue of cost too, lol.