26 February 2007

Bookless in Minot

By all rights I should be sobbing quietly in the corner.

Thats right. Last night I finished A Feast for Crows. It's amazing. The more I reread the series, the more little threads I pick up on that he left throughout the books for folks who are far more observative than myself. I found myself going, "AHHH!" several times, realizing why one thing had happened a certain way or not. Very very good. I wish Caayn would finish reading Black House so he can get around to reading this... I hate having a good book that I can't discuss with him! It's just as bad every time a new Harry Potter comes out. Maybe I'll finally be able to go to sleep at a normal hour though.

Our trip is getting closer... I'm so excited. Caayn's getting a new tattoo, and if I can decide on what I want and where I want it, I might too. I'm horrid at making those decisions, and it takes me forever. I'm always thinking, well, what if I want a different tattoo right there in the future?! I'm very sure that I want a large dragon on my back some day... so I don't know. Gah, even just thinking about it makes me crazy. I just sat here for 10 minutes going, hmmm....

I had a dream that we co-slept last night and it worked. That's so weird. I've been having a lot of strange dreams, moreso than normal. Like night before last I dreamed that I was trying to kill a polar bear who was rushing me, with two wooden poles. The poles snapped and the polar bear bit my head off. How fucked up is that? The co-sleeping thing though is definitely from me worrying about if we can while we are in PA. I don't think we can, since Sully is pretty bad about it. In fact, I'll be honest. Any time he has tried to sleep in bed with us, it has ended up badly. No one sleeps until he goes back to his crib. Oi.

Mmm. Cocoa. Here's to hoping I don't think of a million other things I feel the need to tell the world about later in the day. Have a good Monday!