22 February 2007

Peep, yo. Word.

It's not that time of year again, but if I wait for it to get here, I'll forget to post this.

Last night, while waiting for Caayn to finish watching that train-wreck of a tv show Lost, I was using my free-time to read Rude Cactus archives. Why not? I don't like to think that I'm reading him every day, if I don't know where he's come from, you know? I came across this little nugget of joy. LoTP. All I can say is: "Wow." It's hilarious and must have taken whoever did it ages to complete. Of course, it put me in the mind of Peep Research.

Then there is your brain on peeps:

There is also jewelry made from peeps. Well, the bunnies. And she stopped using -real- peeps.

What is it about these marshmallows that freak people out and make them do all sorts of weird things? You don't see people doing anything strange to normal marshmallows. I think they're kind of gross, really, and don't ever eat them. (They are cute though.) I once dated a guy who kept a package of the halloween cat ones in his fridge. Never ate them, he just had them, and woe be anyone who even touched the package. Then again, the same guy had dead koi in his freezer because he couldn't bear to bury them... Hmm. I wonder if those are related...


Chris said...

Ha! That's the second time Peeps have come up today!